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Konversation with Kit and other vignettes

Kit: So my friend told that we can't get together because there's all these Jewish holidays going on and she lists them, so I sent her a email back saying:
That's the advantage of being an this world anyway.
Me: Next world, not so much.
Kit: But I'm good till then!
Jan: (surveying the muffins) what's going on around here?
Me: Muffins!
Jan: First there's nothing for weeks and weeks. A desolate landscape devoid of food entirely, and now something every day!
Me: Muffins!
Jan: Muffins, doughnuts, apples, cake...
Me: Muffins!
Jan: Bah. You writers only understand one thing.
Me: Livejournal!
SAPMD: So are there any outstanding issues, Marci.
Me: I don't think so. Let me check. (click. click. scroll. click.)
Bob: Tappity tappity. Be sure you get everything.
Me: Sirrah! You mock! On guarde! I shall best you with the power of my typewriter!
Project Management Team Fight! Fight! Fight!
SAPMD Let Mortal Kombat begin!
Bob: (Produces the Marketing Requirements documents.)
Me: (Counters with online help and a slew of meeting notes.)
Bob: (Returns fire with a Personas document.)
Me: (Produces a set of architecture diagrams and a reporting guide.)
The crowd goes wild.
SAPMD Finish him!
Cue theme music
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