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The weekend roundup

Well Leah is off to grad school with her very own Best of Hoppiecam CD. Lori says they got there safely. (here are our pictures of Leah's going away party last week)
I got my book done at the edge of Friday.
We helped Lori and Leah pack and tie the truck. Lori should be just back in town (it's 12:06). She'll probably call soon, or after a nap. Ah, she called. She's back safely. That's my girl. 8-) (it's 1:30 now. She checked in around 1. Girl girl!)
As to the rest of the weekend, lets see:
Chuck's birthday on Saturday night (it's actually today, happy birthday Chuck!) but we celebrated already.
Sunday we went to hoppie's cousins' cottage on the Lake (That's Lake Winnepesake). We did go swimming although you'll notice there are no pictures of the adults swimming.
And I read the next two chapters of Order of the Phoenix
Sadly I think the Hearing affected my savoring of the Ministry of Magic chapter.
Some unanswers questions:
Why did the wizengamot let Fudge get away with his attempt to adjust the hearing so that Harry and Dumbledore would miss it? Clearly they have at least one toady (admirably described) in Voldemort's camp, but that's 1 out of 2. Dumbledore would have had to recuse himself anyway from the judging since he's so close to Harry, but it's insane to think they'd all agree to change the time last minute like that.
I loved the Ministry of Magic. I liked Kingsley's office. I can't wait to see what's in the magazine. I need to reread that chapter, probably to get the details again.

For those of you who are thinking "Bad girl! 2 chapters! For shame!" I should mention that I'd actually expected I'd break down and read the hearing when I realized that it wasn't in the same chapter as the visit to the Ministry of Magic. I just couldn't wait another week to see how it went.
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