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First stop: Philadelphia

The University of Blogging

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of
Self Portraiture

Majoring in
Survey Science


Blogging Degree
Anyway, so the trip:
So we set off on our trip at 9:30. We stopped and got money and mailed some bills off and then went into Boston to Kupels, the uncontested leader in deliciousness of bagles to pick up a half dozen bialis for my grandmother (and maybe another half dozen for us.) Oooh, and a holiday magnet, which is still packed somewhere and I'm going to need that for Friday. There was el zilcho parking, so parked on a side street and left hoppie in the car (his choice, pretend to be surprised) while I ran around between the bookstore and the bagle place. They only had 10 bialis, so we bought them all, and a couple of sammitches for the road, and off we went.
(for those of you who like that sort of thing: 90W (Mass Pike) to 84W through CT into NY then 684S to 87/287W to the Garden State Parkway to the New Jersey turnpike to the Pennsyvania turnpike to 611N to my aunt's.)
We pulled into my aunt's place around 4:00. My great uncle Moshe was sitting on the front porch, looking identical to when I used to pull up at the moshav. Talk about people who have changed not a bit. So I greeted him in Hebrew, then introduced Tom in Hebrew, and then for the next 10 minutes, I spoke English to Moshe and Hebrew to Hoppie because I was so confused. I'm not used to conversing in two languages anymore, if I ever was.
Then we went inside and caught up with Osher a bit. She is taking a soft option, culinary arts vocational.

This is going to sound totally asshole, I think, but it's not meant that way. Do adopted kids have less opportunities and skill development than kids raised in their biological household? I recognize that not everyone is created equal, but it seems to me all the kids I know presently who have been adopted (about 10, not a huge number) are not bound for college and careers in the white collar industries: no software engineers, no accountants, no idea guys, strictly manual labour, even if it is elite labour like cooking. Is there something that causes this? Are the expectations of the adoptive parents lower for adopted children? Do not having parents in those formative years rob the children of something essential that's necessary to inspire them to continue on to higher education? I'm not one of those people who believes everyone has to go to college. I'm not even one of those people who believes that all intelligent people go to college, I'm just wondering why only a few of the non-adopted children I know elected to not go to college and all of the adopted children I know elected not to. Is it another red-herring, like the republicans and their creamy peanut butter?

Anyway, she's doing good. She made lunch for us and we caught up on current events. Her brother Ben is in Israel biding time until he goes into the army. I think he'll do fine there. He's got a head for strategy and he understands how important army service is. Then my aunt and uncle came home and we caught up for a bit. Had lunch, then uncle and great uncle went off to help my uncle pick up some fans for a client's house, and Roberta and Hoppie talked downstairs while Osher and I tried to make sense of my aunt's computer. Then came down, talked to Roberta, took more photos. Osher showed us her uniform and then we were off.
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