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Second stop: Washington,DC

So leaving my aunt's, we went back towards the Pennsyvania turnpike, but hoppie (now driving) insisted on taking a left when we should have taken a right, and refused to turn around, so we ended up punting on the toll road and picking up 476S an hour later after meandering aimlessly around back streets.
And for those of you who like that sort of thing, we took: 476S to 95S into Delaware to 495W to 335S to Lori and Leah's where were arrived at around 10:00 in the evening.
On the merge to 485 we hit huge freaking traffic which was irritating.
But when we arrived, the girls had chinese food and cuddly kittens waiting for us. We sat around and gabbed and had a grand ole time until we went to sleep. I have pictures of the apartment which I'll post maybe tonight after I get home and finish shopping and stuff. The next morning I woke up early because I forgot I had a 7:00 alarm on my Palm. Got showered, talked to Lori, walked outside with her, moved my car, went back inside, had breakfast with Leah, woke up hoppie,and then we gave Leah a lift partway to school so we could have a few more minutes with her. At breakfast Lori told me a story about a friend of hers and it put me in mind of filkergem, this may become important later...

Then we were on our way to KY (9:46AM). As it was morning, I was driving. We got onto 66W intending to take it to I64 and from there, onto the Bluegrass State. As we were driving and talking, I got to thinking about GEM. It seemed a shame to be so close....I mused outloud. Finally, I kicked the speed dial into action, and handed hoppie the phone. He made the plans and got directions while I focused on the driving.
AFTOYWLTSOT: 66W to 29S to Maharaj's Indian Buffet at 12:06 PM
And that's where I stop because I've been asked to help out with something. But at least I've stop pretending I don't exist.
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