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Day 2: Continued: Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and back home again.

filkergem pulled up just as hoppie was calling his sister to wish her a Happy Birthday. They have a family tradition of calling each other and singing happy birthday. Cute huh? (Reminds me I was supposed to call my dad. But during today's retail therapy, I found the perfect gift.) So anyway, as mentioned previous in this journal, kyttn was unable to join us for lunch, but we did visit her afterwards. Greg caught us up on the longer version of his Karate test, and we talked about tons of stuff. (The shirts did arrive, Greg. Hoppie got his already, and lensedqso gets hers tonight. I'll probably wear mine Friday which will inspire solies to clamour for Pho which I can then spill on myself, but maybe I'm getting ahead.) So we got to see Maya's office and, more importantly, Maya. It was nice.
And then we were off on the road again. My brother called and told us it would be about 2.5 hours from Charlottesville to the border and then 3.5 from the border to the house. Well, he was right about the distance from the border to home, but, not so much on the distance from Charlottsville. It took us 5 hours.
And FTOYWLTSOT: 29 to 29 bypass to 50 bypass to 64W to 264W to Bardstown Road and home by 9:57. On the road, we stopped. Well, you know where we stopped. And there was much hush puppage. Also, A&W Rootbeer floats.
Since it was past Nat's bedtime, we didn't get to see him that night, but we did get to see him most nights thereafter. We had lunch with sitpretty on Tuesday. We had lunch (that's all we do is have lunch with people! People must see me and say, "That's Marci. She does lunch.") with mrsjtn AND Simon and Molly on Wednesday, and then we came home to grate potatoes for the kugel. I actually didn't do much for this holiday. Hoppie helped with the table and place setup. Hoppie and I grated for the kugel. MeeMaw made the soup. Dad made the salad. That was pretty much everything.
We saw Nat just about every day. He walks everywhere like a big boy. He is doted on by his parents. He likes to dance and sing and listen to music. He's clearly frustrated because he can't talk, although he is very expressive. And my Sissy, like Robin with her last 3 kids, taught him to sign. I remembered a couple of the signs from Lilah's day, so I felt comfortable, but of course baby's best sign is always more, so it's really pretty easy. I need to learn some so I can teach my children (IIEHA,OC. Feh.). It really does seem to be a good way to communicate.
And Saturday night we headed back for home.
Again, FTOYWLTSOT: Leaving parent's house at 8:52 and going 264E to 71N into OH to 76E to 80E into Pennsylvania, onto 81N to 84E across into NY, CT, and MA, then to 90E (The Mass Pike) to 95N, 4N into Bedford and home at 11:55. And then we went off to get papers.
Once home, we took a three hour nap and went to hoppie's parents for his birthday party. Hoppie got some Tshirts and marinated garlic and something else I can't remember. Carla got...I don't remember what Carla got, I'll just call it Fred and chalk it up being exhausted. Kinda like I feel at the end of this post!
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