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Welcome to October

What Is Your Animal Personality?

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So we're in the poultry barn and I'm watching this chick hatch in the hatchery. I wish I'd had a camera so I could have done the series. It starts with it's head sticking up, and the poor thing is obviously exhausted from getting out of the shell, so she's asleep. As I watch, her head head tilts back a bit and she sort of holds there, breathing through her beak, her body rising and falling with the even rhythm of her breathing. Then her head dips back a bit more, and she looks like nothing more than a foul history student who's fallen asleep during class. Then she finally collapses on her her side and continues sleeping. I said to hoppie, "She looks just like you!"
Hoppie hasn't noticed the chick, but I finally point her out and explain what I saw. He shakes his head.
"She's like a baby chick hoppie!" I say.
Hoppie shakes his head, "She is a baby chick."
"And like a hoppie!" I reply.

I have some fair pictures that hoppie took. He went for the pumpkin weighing and stuff on Saturday. They are in his car. Must remember to reclaim the camera.Edit: I got the camera and added the pictures. The ones in the pavillion with the pumpkin weighing were quite dark and required some handling to bring out the details. Still looks neat. He also didn't mention having gotten pictures of the sand sculpture.
We did the fair circuit. When we got there, we had some tempura. Then we went and saw the rabbits and guinea pigs. There were some lovely rabbits. A man in front of me was telling me about his favorite pet rabbit, a black otter rex, a friendly guy, playful as a puppy, who would come when you call him and had the softest fur. I need a pet.
Then we went to the Industrial Arts building (or as I prefer to think of it, The East Wing, a stray thought from my KY State Fair days). I was remarkably restrained. I bought only a nail painting kit. (well, two, one for me and one for Nessa.) I also signed up for a few drawings (which reminds me, I must remember to talk to tpau about that mascara.). Hoppie bought some Kick Yo Ass honey roasted habenaro peanuts.
We continued on to the Coolidge building. We listened to a folk type singer, Robert Nicholes. We were there listening for quite awhile, but snuck out quickly when he finished, because he was followed up by a Delta Blues singer/player, and I love Delta Blues, if we'd stuck around for him, we'd have never left.
So continuing on, we went to the poultry (as described), and flowers. In the Wild Nature section, I saw a snake that looked just like the ones in my dream the other night, same copper and yellow coloring. That was odd. We caught the tail end of the Don Campbell band on the Triannon stage. We bought a couple of his CDs mostly because hoppie was head over heels in love with the country music version of "Pride" that they did. And we got the CDs autographed. Hoppie got a shirt and I got a cap, for no particular reason.
Then we finished up by going through the Grange, the bee keeping section, and the 4-H pavillion. We stopped at this place hoppie saw on Saturday, Scrimshaw on Crystal. Wow! They do these intricate carvings on crystals. They do a booming faire business, apparently, and this is one of the only non Renaissance Faire type things they actually include in the circuit. I found something I liked and he turned it in a set of earrings. Then because I was so bowled over by their beauty and inexpensiveness, I got a matching, slighly larger one as a necklace. I'll take pictures, but it's basically a butterfly design.
Then we went off to get some roasted almonds and hot cider. It was a chilly night, so we took the hot cider into the Grange building and sat down and drank while listening to the dulcet tones of Don and Ed, two local boys who work in the Grange building and sing every night there, in a sort of sing-a-long. We were there for about an hour. We saw hoppie's parents, and then went off looking at more stuff. I found a hair wrap place, and stayed there getting a hair wrap while hoppie looked at livestock. They tried to talk him into getting a wrap, but so far, no luck. Maybe Saturday.
Then we went back to the fair booth and hung out with hoppie's parents until we went home. I went straight to bed. Hoppie stayed up and watched TiVo.

I did horribly in the football pool this weekend. Feh.
One of the cartoons in the paper yesterday was beautifully appropriate, summing up, at the start of playoff season, what's best about September and October.
Oh yeah, I live for this.
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