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Random Rants

I don't know if I'm mentioned this before, but Reeces inside-out cups are awful. The peanut butter mixture outside is okay, but the chocolate inside is icky. It has just a slightly dryer, grainer consistancy than my deviled egg mixture which is not an attractive thing in chocolate. I like my chocolate smooth and velvety. And right now I like it alot, I'm downing handfuls of chocolate almond nuggets, something that is normally quite safe in my candy bowl because a) it's Hershey's milk chocolate which is icky even when broken up with nice healthy nuts and b) I don't normally raid the candy bowl, that's for company.
And speaking of my deviled egg mixture, it just occured to me that I could ahve taken the left over eggs and made a very nice sandwitch out of it for my lunch. Why does this occur to me now when I've no intention of going home for lunch? Why wouldn't it have occured to me at oh, 8:00 when I was getting out of the shower and thinking "is there anything in the house I that I want to turn into lunch?"
That's it.
Damnit! And a buddy just signed off of AIM just as I remembered I needed to tell him that the only day left in the week that I was free for lunch was Friday. But then it's just as well I didn't because I'm actually free Thursday as well, but as I'm leaving work early on Thursday, I should probably stick close to home for Thursday lunch.
And I feel very faint. This does not match my mood.
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