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Some TV hits

Rodney Carrington has a TV show. I don't know how in my compulsive run though the new TV shows of the season, I managed to miss it, but fortunately, hoppie's inner hillbilly has connections at work and they told us about it. We missed the pilot, but we caught the second show. So far, his humour is having trouble translating to a family show. I imagine that happens to all comedians who transfer their off-colour humour (which is pretty much all comedians) to family-oriented TV.
I think this is a first for me. Normally I see the TV shows before I see comedy routines by the artist. No, I guess, it isn't. I'd seen Denis Leary's standup before either of his shows. (and I prefer Rescue Me to whatever that NY cop show was.) Anyway, watch Rodney! He needs the money and your inner hillbilly will thank you...or at least mine will.

Well, one TV hit. I'll save the other for tomorrow. In the meantime, content yourself with this. I added the pictures of the Topsfield fair to my earlier entry.
I'm in the process of generating a photoalbum for the pictures from the road trip, but I really want to get home to game, so I'm off. I'll post them tomorrow.
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