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If you don't look good, we don't look good

So Monday night there was an open house at the offices of Cook's Illustrated magazine. Hoppie and I got there a little bit late, so we missed Chris Kimball's talk, although some of the people there recapped it for us. He did a brief introduction to the test kitchen and talked about some of the remodeling and took a few questions. Then the mega-galactic book signing began. That's where we came in. We bought two books, Cover & Bake and The Kitchen Detective, a book based on Christopher Kimball's newspaper column, which I've seen a couple of times and found interesting. It was a very social group and the crowd was quite friendly, so was the staff. We got to meet a bunch of them while we were waiting for the official autograph signers. In addition to the TV show cooks, Bridget and Julia, and Jack Bishop from the tasting lab, and of course Chris himself, we also got signatures from one of the layout design artists (Ron), two of the cooks (Jeremy, and I'm sorry, I can't remember your name right now, but I'll look it up, and include it), a couple of the support staff, and one of the marketing dudes. Here are our pictures of some of the scenery and personalities of America's Test Kitchen.
I didn't mention, but they have this amazing library of cookbooks and magazines. Wow.
I know it sounds stupid, but the book means more to me with the signatures of the people responsible for getting it out than it does just being signed by the front man, not that Chris isn't cool, but it takes so much to get out a good book, way more than one person. I, of all people, should realize that, and it's an honour for me to be able to acknowledge it.

And while I'm feeling maudlin, let me give a shout out to my support staff: My goddess of production and sanity: Marsha; my illustrator: Gloria; and my copyeditors: Kit and Laina, as well as to my vast and largely untapped pool of technical editors. Thanks for making me look good.

Moving down the alphabet, I just wanted to mourn the loss of Rodney Dangerfield. From Rodney to Rodney, there is none like Rodney.

solies: You sure it's okay if I stay with you for a few days while they paint my apartment?
Emma: Oh, sure, no problem, I'm going to be out of town anyway.
Solies: And Jumpie doesn't mind me staying there while you're gone.
Emma: No, he'll be there. It's just me going this time.
Solies: Won't that be weird?
Emma: No, it's no problem, he won't even notice.
Solies: ....
Emma: No really, he's not all that observant. Just say "Goodnight love" when he says it, and he'll never notice the difference.
Solies: Really?
Emma: Yeah. He's quite harmless, really.
Solies: That's it? Just "Goodnight, love".
Emma: (Thinking) Well, just a small thing really.
Solies: uhhhhh...
Emma: You have to kiss him when you say "Goodnight, Love," otherwise he'd notice the difference.
Solies: I think he might when the beard scratches him.
Emma: Hrm. I hadn't thought of that. Well, I could just tell him I'm going though a change...
Solies: To what? Werwolf?

And these are the pictures from the road trip of the other week. It includes Aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces, and mrsjtn's kids.
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