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It's porbably pretty close, because when I took the "What kind of girl is she" putting in the answers I got progressive/academic.

It's great to have a group of friends with such diverse tastes and interests. Having different people I can rely on in pretty much any circumstance is an amazing and delightful feeling.
Before Laina left to pick up the kids, I stopped by her house one night to drop off some things she'd requested. When I got there, the house was a flurry of activity: every person focused on the task at hand. This one was cooking, that one was moving furniture, this one was sorting clothes, that one boxing clothes, each according to his talents. Apparently my talent is shopping for things, who knew? (Don't raise your hands, it was rhetorical.) The way I feel right now, it's kinda like that, like everyone in the universe has a place and a function. In the grand orchestra of things, I know where my woodwinds are.

And a special "Thank you" to apulo.

Why do people feel compelled to send campus or company wide mails announcing that they are departing? First off, I think those wide distribution list are already overused, but at least some assmunch whining about his lost (or found) cellphone, or offering up tickets for sale, or mentioning that someone left his or her car lights, has the virtue of an unknown audience. A departure mail is only useful to people who might a) care or b) at least know who you are. Maybe if they included descriptions, like: I'm the white-haired guy with glasses who's office was located in the left-hand corner by the stairs of the Arroyo Building and I always smiled to people and wore green jeans, AND this is where you can reach me in the future.
Around here the mails tend to be more like:
Hi. I'm leaving. I'll miss you all.
Who the blessed flarg are you? You're going to miss me? That's lovely. I'm so honoured that someone I've never even heard of is going to miss me. (I know what you contrarians are thinking and you're right. I'm going to miss Rodney Dangerfield and he never knew me either, I think it's safe to distinguish between the situations here. If this were a person reading my livejournal who was being locked in a dungeon for her own security and she was going to miss me, you might have a point, but I promise you, that should personally ever be in that situation, I will accept your mass mailing to inform me of that with good grace.)
I think when you leave a company you should send mail only to the people that you generally send mail to in the course of your business. We have a bunch of aliases and with a few minutes of *gasp* preparation, you can expand on the list to cover most of the people. You should include follow up information, because clearly they aren't going reply to your email. You should include a note at the bottom, maybe saying something like "I apologize if I forgot anyone. If you see someone who isn't on this list who might want my contact information, feel free to forward it."
I remember when the wife of CEO of a local ISP left SUN Microsystems to help her husband with his business. She sent an all company email out announcing her departure and her wish that more women take advantage of her husband's business to get on the internet, because the internet needs more women. I'll pause while it sinks in that someone sent to all the employees of a large multi-national corporation an EMAIL saying that the women receiving the emails should get internet accounts at an ISP in MA. Because it would certainly never occur to a woman working at a technology company to get a private email account if she wanted one.
I fricking hate people.
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