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About nightmares

Terrible nightmares last night. It started with BEF creating a livejournal and adding me a friend. He also added a non-existent livejournal with my nickname, so I registered it and started using it too, and we started talking. Things get a little vague after that, but I new it was trouble even before he showed up at the office as new employee. He invited me to his place and (stupidly) I went. We, yadda yadda, he attacked me, I escaped, I stayed away from him, even at work. I was cold and distant. I think the tension might have escaped notice, if Tril's Last Born Eldest hadn't shown up to see him. He was rude to me and delighted with BEF and so Robert and Solies came over to talk to me about it. At first I was evasive, but when the guys said something rude to me as they left, I just exploded.
"Remember me talking about my BEF?"
"Well, you've been working with him for weeks."
And I told them what happened when he invited me over, and how he kept inviting me over for dinner, and I just couldn't stand it. And he's run into me on the streets, and he was making me a nervous wreak. I told them how he grew up here, and he knows his way around better than I do, and I couldn't seem to get away from him completely (forgetting of course that he's WORKING) at the same place as me.
They asked me why I didn't tell hoppie. And my reason for that was pretty stupid, "Well, they know each other!" Okay then. Whatever.
Anyway, that dreams ended and I had another dream that my parents were here, except that we were in their house, but they were still visiting us. And I kept having nightmares, so I couldn't sleep, so I finally got up and went downstairs and started emptying the dishwasher. My mom came downstairs and asked what was going on, and I told her I couldn't sleep, so we talked until some waking time, and my dad came down and was talking about his box I'd received, but with the nightmares I'd be having, I'd be sure it was from BEF and I just froze and it took all his strength to get the box away from me. I think he was actually telling my aunt who'd just arrived for the weekend with my cousins. Oddly enough, one of my cousins was the right age, and the other one was about 10 years younger than current age.
Anyway, then the package showed up, and it was actually addressed to my parents, so no problem, but inside was another box addressed to me. I looked at it and knowing I was going to freeze I didn't. I just handed it back to my dad and sat down.
Inside was a note explaining that the box contained evidence that I was aiding and supporting terrorists. In it were pictures from college of me with various people, coworkers, classmates, mostly Indian, which is odd, but there were a pictures of Gwydion (who's like the anti-terrorist, and the picture of the moderate of the modern, moderate Islam), and some of my Lebanese friends. And then suddenly it wasn't just a box of pictures, it was boxes and boxes of pictures and books. And I was going though them with some high school friends, Vicky and Christina. There were pictures of Christina too. And that looked like a boy in the airport, until I realized that he was sitting next to Tril and ckd. Tril was sitting on ckd's lap and he had his arms around her. It was a cute picture. And then I woke up. I kept wondering what it was supposed to show to a sane person.
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