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YOU are neutral.
The fairy, sprite, elf. You get the point, little
creature with wings of some sort. You fly
around, or sneak about playing jokes on
everyone. You're fairly neutral to the story,
and everyone else thinks the things you do are
kinda mean, but you are in the story for a
reason, and regardless of what that might be, i
think your hilarious. so keep it up.

what fairy tale role do you play? (this time with pictures)
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Okay, to whomever it is who believes that way to clean up a soda spill is to throw all the plastic silverware you can reach into it, you suck.
To the people who left the gin bottles under the table. Unless I get some, please don't torment me. You suck.
To the people who see very clearly the posted signs that you should bus your own tables, and still insist on leaving everything for me on the theory that I have to clean the table anyway, what's moving a few trays, dumping out soda bottles, etc. in addition to that. You people suck. There's a huge difference. It starts from the fact that I do not get paid for this. I'm strictly a volunteer, and I did not volunteer to be your housemaid for a hour. If I'm going to clean something, I'll clean my own freaking house, which believe me, could use the work.
To the people with the talkative chilidren who ask all sorts of inappropriate questions, and run around when they should be hovering near you. Wow, your kids are cute. You're lucky to have bright and intelligent children who question the world around them. Although I do sorta feel sorry for the work you'll have to do to keep up with them.
And to all the people who told me how much you love the fair booth, and how you look forward to coming back every year, thank you. It doesn't make it worth it, but I assure you I pass each and every compliment onto my mother-in-law, and you might make it worth it for her.
One of the small things I relearn working the dining room at the fair booth is that I really hate people. And as much as I think my job would be better if I saw people, I'm wrong. It takes October to prove it. And I'm a big enough man to admit when I'm wrong.
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