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She has no known connection to intelligence...

To pick up Hoppie: I'm good at math: U + I = 69

To pick up solies: If I were to ask you for sex... would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?

To pick up jan: I've just moved you to the top of my to do list.

Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?

Noah Tall: Have you done anything since I cut you off from talking to people last week?
Me: No. I didn't think I was allowed to have conversations with people.
Noah: Oh, well I was just going to ask you if you'd talked to people about...2030, 3030 3050....but since you haven't, I'll go talk to him now.
Me: Thank you.
Noah: I'll report back to you with what I find.
Me: Thank you. (Not rolling my eyes...not rolling my eyes....)
Miss Information So what's this about transfering the only project you actually like to another group.
Me:Smoke and mirrors, I think. The guy who'd head of the project is our marketing dude.
MI:I'll talk to SAPMD then.
Noah: (returning) It's nothing really for you to worry about. Here's the high-level details....
I get out a pen and uncap it
Noah: Oh, you don't need to write any of this down! 2030, 3030. (No 3050 this time as I am completely resigned to my fate.) 4050, 4060 [Time will tell on this one, but I suspect a...], 3060.
Miss Information: (returns and tries to get my attention. Noah ignores her and continues talking. She tries to look interested, fails, finally, in desperation, she breaks in) Can I just get in here and say something?
Noah: (looks irritated)
MI: It will only take a second.
Noah: Okay, sure. Feel free.
MI: There's apparently two groups doing different things, so no conflict.
Me: Well, okay then.
Noah: Good, now let me repeat everything I just said plus add more paragraphs of information that you're not allowed to write down.
Me: Um, thanks.
Noah: So now I'm going to make up some numbers for work effort and if I don't send them back to you in a few days for approval, please send me a reminder email.
Me: Okay.
Noah: Aren't I nice? I'm giving you permission to nag me. Don't you just adore me.
Me:Yeah, Noah. You are true, and righteous and virtuous. I shall send you mail as you instruct at the time of your choosing.
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