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I know your name and I know what you're about...

And to the Born-Again Yankee's fan who tried to rattle me. Don't waste your time.

BAYankeesFan: ;-)
Me: oh you don't really want to go there.
BAYankeesFan: hehehe
BAYankeesFan: I didn't say it
BAYankeesFan: :-)
Me: good, I would hate to think you weren't as smart as you looked. ;-)
BAYankeesFan: :-D
BAYankeesFan: but you know
BAYankeesFan: while we're on the subject
BAYankeesFan: All I have to say is, I'm sorry. :-)
Me: you don't have to be sorry.
BAYankeesFan: but I am :-)
Me: it will just make it sweeter when we get to the Cardinals next week.
BAYankeesFan: oh they're going to have a 3rd place game this year?
BAYankeesFan: how cute
BAYankeesFan: I know you're gaggging over there!
Me: I have faith.
BAYankeesFan: Here's a cute story from Florida btw:,0,7003172.column?coll=sfla-sports-front
BAYankeesFan: I think he's trying to say that instead of talking shyt, Pedro & Co. have decided to do some reverse psychology to reverse the curse.
BAYankeesFan: I'm sorry about Curt btw
BAYankeesFan: He is having surgery; won't be able to pitch Game 5.
BAYankeesFan: But, if we can do this in 4, it will be a moot issue.
Me: D-Lowe's pitchign 5.
Me: they've already announced it.
BAYankeesFan: Game 5* @ Boston, Sunday, 8:05 ET
BAYankeesFan: the key being the *
BAYankeesFan: as in NOT NEEDED
BAYankeesFan: get ur money back !@#
BAYankeesFan: Naw, I have a feeling this will go 7
BAYankeesFan: it always does
Me: I'm going to try to get tickets to the Boston/St.Louis World Series for my dad.
Me: : he's going to be here.

And I may be wrong to call him a Born Again Yankees fan except that I know for a fact he's a Marlins fan. He only becomes a Yankees fan when it's expedient to taunt me with.
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