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Day 1:

So my parents got in Friday afternoon. I had a nice dinner waiting. They toured the house looking for imperfections first, ate, then started cleaning. Dad cleaned the downstairs bathroom. Then we watched a movie was interested in and went to bed. I think dad might have cleaned another bathroom too.
The next morning, I got up and started cleaning. Dad came down shortly after and cleaned the closets and the kitchen. Mom came down and started cleaning the living room. Hoppie, wisely, did not come down. I woke him around noon.
Laina came over with M and D around 2 and stayed for a bit. The kids were into everything. Their happiest discovery was hoppie's famous piano. Hoppie took me aside and whispered. "You will tell my parents how appreciated the piano is." Everyone mocked us when we took it.
This morning, me and dad are going to give blood. No phone post on the greater glory of vamperism this time, I promise.
Tags: chores, family, friends

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