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a day of twos

There are two schools of thought on last night's Red Sox game:
  1. They are just postponing the inevitable heartbreak to make it that much more painful.

  2. This is the year.

I think everyone knows what school I'm attending.

So day 2 with the parents went well. That sound you heard during the last post was dad fixing the electric broom. But I managed to distract him by taking out for blood. We ran some errands, then came back home. Dad took a nap, I caught up on livejournal, and then we woke our respective spouses. Distracted them some more with the Pats game and then went off sight-seeing on the North Shore.
We had dinner with hoppie's family and then came home to the Red Sox game.
Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year.

A book you own that no one on your friends list does: Janice in Tomorrowland. I can be pretty confident about this because there was only one printing run even though it's a fabulous book and when I looked online for a copy to give lensedsqo, they were running about $200 bucks per. Of course that was a few years ago.
A CD you own that no one on your friends list does: I was originally thinking of my Lennon CD, but I think she's achieved a great measure of popularity in recent days, so I'm going to go with Erin Evermore's "Babyphetamine" CD. Not only is the CD not available anywhere, I'm also not convinced I didn't buy them all. So there you go. Ouch. It occured to me after I wrote this that hoppie actually has a copy of this CD. Enough. Lets go with Ready for the World's self titled album. I think I'm the only one who likes them.
A DVD/VHS tape you own that no one on your friends list does: Disney's So Dear to My Heart It's campy, it's Christian, and it's heart-warming, and it's got Burl Ives. I like the movie and when I found the book, I liked it too. What can I say? I'm just a sucker at heart. But I'm quite positive the movie is too dated to appeal to anyone else. However while we're on the joint subjects of Red Sox baseball and So Dear to My Heart, I should like to take this opportunity to tell rocker to (quote granny) "Eat them words and eat them proper." D-Lowe started us off with our first win of the series.
A place you've been that no one on your friends list has been: Bennington, Indiana. It was at this point that I remembered that most of the places I've been recently, hoppie has been too. But he hasn't been here.

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