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So I was listening to The Big Show on WEEI, waiting for The Whiner Line to start, and they were saying that before last night's game it was impossible to know how you feel today. They were saying that after game 3, no one was thinking ahead to game 7, that no one, including Red Sox fans, believed they could bring home the ALCS pennant. Are they confusing Red Sox fans with rational people? This is a team that maintained comfortable winning percentages with half their team on the DL, including 4 starters. We've seen amazing things this year.

So I did make it to Bunny's book club last night. My parents told us we weren't allowed to come visit them. There were four of us and we talked about the books we read. I took some notes. I walked in with 3 books, and walked out with 1, so I figure I did a fairly good job of selling the books I liked. 8-). I can post the recommendations if people are interested. It ended in time for me to catch the last outs of the first half of the first inning, so that was nice.

I don't remember what else i was thinking when I started this post.
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