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Please come to Boston for the series

NEW YORK: Boston Red Sox fans may not have breathed until the last out of the ninth inning, but the Red Sox gave them plenty of breathing room in a 10-3 rout of the New York Yankees behind starter and winner Derek Lowe, who, desperate to prove he earned the starter's role and intends to keep it, delivered 6 innings of one hit/one run baseball. He was supported by Johnny Damon, after a relatively quiet post seasons exploded with two homeruns including a bases-clearing grand-slam, David Ortiz who started the scoring with a 2 run homerun, Mark Bellhorn who contributed a solo homerun, and the umpires who awarded the Red Sox the generous strike zone they've been given the Yankees all series.

I don't know if the strike zone gets wider when your pitchers are making better quality pitches or if the appalling conduct of the New York Yankees, capped by A-Rod's little batting practice incident in the 6th game was the contributing factor, but I have to say the umpires; led by crew-chief Randy Marsh and third base umpire Jim Joyce, were calling all the questionable ones strikes; which they had previous been doing only for the Yankees. It was sweet.
Very, very, sweet.
Now comes the real challange. Trying not to be a total jackass to all my friends in NY.
Meanwhile, the St. Louis Cardinals force a game seven, bringing former Red Sox pitcher Roger "Rocket" Clements, who has three sons who's name start with K (for strikeout), and somehow his wife let him do this (I'm not talking subtle names like Kenny, but absurd names like Kody), against former Red Sox pitcher Jeff Suppan. Go Cards!
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