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You are a deeply mysterious and devastatingly
intelligent being. You like to spend your time
alone studying ways to bend others to your will
and ways to cheat death. Although you have
immense power and and army of followers, death
will find you eventually.

Welcome to the shadows!

And now that you know who you are, take my hand and
join me in a trip to the unknown....

What Evil Creature of the Night are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Parents have returned to the wild, untamed west, leaving destruction and disarray in their wake. I feel very much at loose ends.
During shopping last night, I picked up a box of the Pringles prints: the pringles with trivia questions on them. Not nearly as cool as I thought it would be. Both the answer and question are on the same side of the chip, albeit that one is printed upside-down.
Even this will not get accomplished. Today was a waste. I give up.
Tags: depression, family, quiz, shopping

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