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Up from 3rd base to Huntington, we sing another victory song.

Whew. How sweep it is to be loved by you.
To celebrate the Red Sox victory, I would like to share this clip from the Red Sox movie: Goldeneye
Yankees: Why can't you just die?
Red Sox: (gesturing with a bat) You first. (pointing the bat at the Cardinals). You. Second.
I wish I had something profound to say here. I do have this. Remember born-again Yankees fan?, he called me last night to congratulate the Red Sox on their impressive 8 game winning streak. Now that's a gracious act. He also told me he didn't watch any of the games, but I assured him that was fine as I didn't watch any of the Yankees/Marlins last year*.

So now what?
Poll #374315 ColorGuard

Now that Boston has proved to be the best team in MLB, what do I do with my livejournal style? Do I:

Change the colors back to green. Everyone likes the green layout and it was easy to read.
Keep the Boston red/blue look. It's most sexy.
I like the red/blue, but I didn't get "Boston Red Sox" out of it.
I hate the red/blue, and I hate the green too. Come up with something better.
You changed your colours? Where was I?

What should I do with my layout, smartguy?

As a female baseball fan, I'm always worried about people thinking I'm bandwagoning. Do you think I'm a fair-weather fan?

No. I wish you were. Then you'd only talk about baseball for 1 or 2 weeks out of the year, and we wouldn't have to hear about it all the damn time.
Yes. I want to die a painful death in the immediate future.
Don't sweat the small stuff, princess.
Your team just won the World Series. Go to Disney world.

Bandwagoning? Fair-weather fans? Baseball? Football?

What should I dress up as for Halloween?

Tina the Tech Writer
A black and orange stray cat
Nothing! Muhahahaahahahahahahahaah

I don't actually trust you people to pick a costume for me.

If there are leftover toys from Halloween, would you want:

smiley face key chain (limited number, I wouldn't count on these being leftover)
Mind teaser puzzle (slightly more of these)
Paper glider
Halloween coloring book
Halloween frisby (unknown amount)
Surprise me!
I know you have toys that you didn't feel like mentioning. Send me one of those.
I ask for nothing. (And that is exactly what you shall receive! In abundance!)

Obligatory free space.

As always, if you want me to send you something and don't think I have your address, which might be the case if you moved, or I've never sent you anything before, please email it to me at

*I did listen to a bit of it on the on the radio out of sheer desperation. I have a hard time letting go of baseball season. I hope the WORLD SERIES VICTORY will make it slightly easier. Okay, I'm done, now.
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