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Well, apparently I forgot to post my Friday post, which is not surprising in all the goings on, well, actually it was surprising, but I didn't faint in shock, so it couldn't have been all THAT surprising, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.
I feel like I've been run over by a medium-sized steamroller, which still makes today not as bad as yesterday, when I woke up with a migrane, actually, I think the migrane was worse, but I could drug that.
I don't think I've listened to this song before. I like it. Another Jackson Brown political song, but it's got great sound. He's an incredible singer.

We have been bombarded with ads pro and anti one of the state representatives running for reelection. Not more than 1 day has gone by these past two weeks where we didn't get at least one flyer for the incombent or her opponent. Friday/Saturday, we got campaign calls. (The automated calls. I never thought there could be anything more annoying than campaign workers calling, but at least you can ask the campaign workers questions (or at least you could if they didn't call when you were in the middle of fixing dinner, which is apparently the only time they're allowed to call. They have monitors in all the homes in the world and they focus their calls right on when you're making dinner. Actually that differs from KY calls, because they always call during dinner. Maybe it's a regional thing? Or maybe I was too young to notice the dinner prep calls. Another question for the parents.) Hoppie was speculating that the automated call machines got a bunch cheaper. If I didn't actually like the incumbent's stance, I'd be tempted to vote against her just on princible. I mislike being flooded with the same crap repeatedly. How many flyers do I need to be responsible for recycling. I'm trying to cut down on the junk!! Of course, since her opponent started it, I clearly could not choose the cup in front of him.

Bush/Kerry. Everyone knows which way I'm voting, what I want to talk about is something else that everyone is talking about: how difficult it is to predict who's going to win. I know 4 people who are going out campaigning for Kerry this weekend. One of them is otherwise pretty uninvolved. She took two weeks off her job to go to a swing state to volunteer at the Kerry campaign headquarters there. (And for some reason, she made a return appearance last night to yell at me in my dreams. That was...brrr. scary. Maybe for another post.) One is the father of the media guy who wired the DNC. One is a mermaid, and one is a friend's parents. While I admit, I don't know what these people were doing last election, actually, I'm not entirely sure what I was doing last election. I'm trying to remember what poll station I used when I voted in the last presidental election. I'm sure it was here, must have been Brighton. Hrm. So how do I know if this is a case of the new people I've met are politically active and this is a new phase for me, or if it really is true that Kerry has mobilized the grass roots, the disenfrancised etc.
And yet, I can't tell you how many MA voters have told me they are upset because "their vote doesn't count." which would indicate to me that they would prefer to vote for Bush. Or it may indicate that they want to vote for Kerry in a place that helps him. How can you tell the difference?
Hoppie keeps trying to convince me that the dems R bad people and that Bush has done an okay job as president. Kerry would have gone to war on the same information, he said so. The economists all say that the job recovery is started and that x number of new jobs will be created regardless of who the present is over the next 4 years. I don't know. I remain unconvinced. And damnit, I said I wouldn't talk about my candidate.
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