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I'm going to steam of conscience whine about solemnly_swear for a minute, if you don't want to read it (because you hate rpgs, because you hate my rpg, because you like rgps and dont' want to hear complaints, because you like my rpg and don't want to hear complaints,

We have two new characters about which I know, admittedly, almost nothing.
That said, I'm goign to whine about them. Probably they'll prove me wrong in a day or so. I certainly hope so.
First we have the Russian foreign exchange student who's looking for a trenchcoat so she can make a icon of herself in it. Her first action was to complain about how it took forever to get accepted. (we've just changed moderators, so we had that icky in-between period where moderator is not entirely there and begins to realize she isn't and appoints a new moderator who is now settling in.) But honestly, it can't have been that long, because I've only been at this for a month (just checked, 5 weeks) and many people were approved after me. Unless she wasn't approved like some of the others because a) she's an original character and we're trying to fill existing characters and not create new ones, b) she wasn't approved because she was undecided about her house (Slytherins or Griffindor). And we're not accepting new Slytherins and we're about a half a giffindor away from barring them too. (love how I say we, even though I've nothing to do with this part of it?) Anyway, without too too much digression, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when the first thing she does is start saying how slow we are and by extension, how much we suck. Of course, if I were here, I'd probably feel the same way....I just wouldn't necessarily say it in ptm. I would say it in my own journal. Although she may have done that as well. I wouldn't post this in ptm, because I do want to give us a chance, but on the other hand, if I don't get this out of my head and down somewhere, it will store up and fester in my little mind and alter my gameplay.
And now our second. First off, Frank already hates him because he's one of the few straight men. That equals competition, and Frank hates that. (That's humour. Actually Marci likes it because it creates more conflict for Frank). Also a character unheard of. At least a Ravenclaw, although he describes himself as a man of all houses (except hufflepuff - loyalty to one's self is not Hufflepuff, it's Slytherin.). Maybe I should be a Hufflepuff. I think Frank is half Hufflepuff anyway. I know he's cannon Griffindor, but I play him so straight, he could easily pass. I think he gets that from his mom who was a Hufflepuff according to my bio of Frank. I get the feeling our new man would have rather been Slytherin. Oh, and Frank isn't on his friends list. That always irritates me. Even though I know it's not necessary to friend someone because you can always just read ss's friend's page to get everything, but then you'd not friend anyone would you? And he's friended some and not others. And I always think (because I'm mean-spirited) if you're not my friend, why should I be yours? Of course why would he want me to be his? He's a Ravenclaw, I'm a Griffindor, unless he works on the paper, we might never meet. And yet he's befriended a lot of Slytherins and other Griffindors. Probably he just missed me in all the hustle and bustle, or he hates me. It's always about me. And I definitely DON'T prefer "the Fletch". What is it with exfiance callbacks today? Fletcher (Fletch for short) was what he wanted to name our first son. I didn't like it all the much then either, although at least here Fletchley is a last name. Do you think this a reference to muggle Justin Finch-Fletchley? He was all muggle wasn't he?
That wasn't so bad, was it? How many people are no longer talking to me? I said I would give them a chance, I just needed to vent first. Just call me the Venemous Bede.

And while I'm whining anyway, the only good thing I've got going on is MLH has been busy with ML for her last day, that he hasn't bothered me a bit. And I'm accomplishing quite a bit of work. Elaine is out today which means things are quiet in a not good way.
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