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Well, Halloween at the office again. I've got my stuffed animals artistically arranged, the signs are up. The bowls (one candy/one toys) are filled, and the starting gun goes off any second. The camera is juiced and ready.
Actually, I've been taking pictures of Historic Fenway Park all day. Aha! Voices!
So that was Ann's two kids, the lion and the fairy.
And Ron's son, the college football star.
And Evelyn with her two kids, the witch and the cowboy.
And RECW's wife and witchy daughter.
well, 3:55 and the last of the smiley keychains are gone.
Pringles are also big sellers. Interesting. I don't think I would have gone for that as a child. I was all about the chocolate.
The puzzles did okay, not great. Rings are still popular. The coloring books had a good run, and people were very interested in the stampers, which is a shame because they were left-over from previous years and the ink had gone dry, and I thought I removed them all from the bag.
The gliders were relatively popular, but somewhat disappointing in execution. Jackson managed to destroy 3 in under a minute. Once we got through the assembly though, it flew decently.
I think I gave the last smiley keychain to my boss's boss's boss's daughter. I think that because after they left, I noticed that the Death escourting them was wearing the same color shirt as said great-grandboss earlier.
I did dress as Tina the Tech Writer, but it wasn't an impressive costume. Sadly, Tina the Tech Writer doesn't look entirely unlike Marci the Tech Writer. I exaggerated hair, makeup, and jewelry, and dressed in coordinated colors that were described variently as: the Red Sox away uniform, and a red blood cell. Somedays you just can't win.
And Time for a Red Sox cartoon
Oh, and since this didn't go up on Friday, I can add this congratulatory message to snagglepuss2:
Congratulations on finally being able to take down the Patriots logo you were wearing until they lost.
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