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Announcer: So after a disappointing game in which Emma hit an oinker and never fully recovered, we go to round two. Solies leads off.
Solies rolls a double razorback for 20. He banks.
Emma rolls for a combination of 12.
Solies rolls for a total of 35.
Emma rolls for a total of 28.
Solies rolls for 35, maintaining his commanding lead.
Emma rolls for 53, taking the lead for the first time this game.
Solies rolls for 42.
Emma rolls for 73.
Solies rolls for 50.
Emma takes a commanding lead by rolling for 85.
Solies pigs out.
Emma increases her lead to 95.
Solies pigs out.
Emma increases her lead to 96.
Solies appeals to the refererees looking for a call of Taunting.
Colour Commentator: I don't think he's going to get it. If the taunting call were to go his way, Emma would be penalized with 15 yard loss, and as it's solies play, he would get the next throw anyway. The referee is still reviewing the play, but from what we can see up here in the box, it looks like a solid defensive play. Here comes the referee now.
Referee: On review of the play, it is a legal bank. No penalty. Play continues. Solies will be charged one time out. Possession Solies! First throw!
Announcer: So Solies loses the appeal and a time out and play continues.
Solies pigs out.
Emma rolls a razorback for 5 and banks.
Colour Commentator: Things look bleak for solies. He needs 51 points just to stay in the game at this point.
Announcer: Solies rolls. And rolls. And rolls.
Colour Commentator: I don't believe it, ladies and gentleman! Solies has rolled for 51 and a tie! He stays in the game! He stays in the game! We're going to overtime!
Announcer: Emma looks determined. She rolls for 116 and banks.
Solies rolls for 117 and banks!
Colour Commentator: How the tables have turned! Now it's Emma who's fighting to stay in the game.
Announcer: Emma rolls for 122 and banks.
Solies rolls for 127! 127! It's amazing!
Emma rolls for 142.
And Solies....oh, he pigs out.
Colour Commentator: Emma wins on a stunning extra point victory. It's amazing, folks. Absolutely amazing. Solies fought back from a 51 point deficit, came within a hair of winning, but ultimately succumbed. We go to our floor reporter now who's with Solies, Coworker6?
Coworker6: Thank you CC, I'm here with Solies. You had a tremendous comeback, you obviously had Emma on the ropes. How do you feel?
Solies: Well, I never lost my cool. I always stayed focused. Stayed in the game. Emma is tough competitor. It's always a pleasure to play against her. And she never loses her cool either. It's all about staying in the game and sometimes it just doesn't break your way, but I played it good, and she got that call, that I think should have been a penalty, but, you know, she just outplayed me this time, but next time, it'll be a new game and a different story.
Coworker6: And hopefully a different outcome.
Emma: Hey!
Coworker6: Emma, you played a heck of a game. Were you nervous when Solies started to come back?
Emma: Well, Solies is a tough competitor. The games are always close when we play, and after the oinker in the first game, I wasn't sure I could come back at all. But I came back to win.
Coworker6: Yes you did. Back to you CC.
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