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So I've now started my third scene, having finished none of them.

"I can't believe I got dragged into this!"
"Now Lynds, be a good sport." Mouse said.
"I can't believe you're going along with this!" Lyndsey replied.
"We lost fair and square." Mouse shrugged. "Go on Des. Work it while you got it."
Desmond ginned, "So you're a 10th level witch, Lyndsey. And you're a 9th level Paladin." He waited for Mouse to ask what a Paladin was, but when he didn't, Desmond continued, "The quest is to find the Black Knight's Gold."
"I want to use my bat!" Lyndsay said, playing with the keychain Mouse had given her as a souvenier from one of the games.
"Your bat?" Tessie asked, amused. "I don't know what you would do with it."
"Allow it." Karim said, stretching out on the floor. "What's the worst that could happen?"
"I'll allow it," said Desmond, "Although a witch with a bat is a little unusual."
"I want to use it now!" she said, swinging it.
Desmond looked at Karim who shrugged. "Okay. You swing your bat wildly at the entrance to to the dungeon." He grinned, "You hit a gnat that happened to be flying by Roll for damage." He handed her a 16 sided die. She took it and rolled a 7.
"What does that mean?" she asked.
"You irritate the gnat. Roll for initiative. Use this one." He said handing her a 20 side die when she reached for the 16. Lyndsey rolled a 19 and looked at Desmond. "You have a very enterprising gnat. It's so miffed at you, it flies up your nose and tickles you. Roll for damage with the 16."
By this time the entire group, except Desmond was roaring with laughter. Desmond looked over at Tess, so beautiful and graceful, even in laughter. "I did that." he thought in wonderment, "I made her laugh."
He looked back at Lyndsey's roll. "2. The gnat does no damage and eventually flies away."

This breaks the 1000 word barrier for me, and hopefully I can, oh, I dunno, maybe finish a scene or three this weekend.
If at this point, you need a refresher on the cast, feel free to check out The cast list. Maybe I should update it with Lyndsey. She's rapidly becoming the fun character to write. 8-) Like Brian in Life of Brian.
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