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What have we learned this week?

No more testing. I may have to refer to that a number of times. I'm going to emulate my cousin Karen as a model. Testing makes me cry. Being in pain, apparently does not. I can live with the pain, and testing doesn't relieve the pain anyway, it just makes me cry. Therefore, in conclusion, no more testing.
I mislike people. I'm tired of answering stupid questions that are irrelevent. Tell me what I said that in any relates to what you said. Can you find a connection? No? Neither can I. This is a good sign that it's time for you to shut up or contribute. And not like you contributed last time. Your last contribution was bad. Bad advice. Bad setup. Bad decision, and I'm really tired of being surrounded with bad advice, bad suggestions, and poor, uninformed decisions. And before you go off on a tear about how democrats can't let it go, let me just say that has nothing to do with politics. Any similiarity to countries living or dead is purely coincidental. Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Third time is enemy action. Boy those Chicagoans are smart cookies. You could learn alot from a James Bond novel. What can I learn alot from. I need to reconnect. But to what?
Somedays it's like being caught in a Judy Blume novel with no way out.
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