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So today's dreams involved one at my parents house and one at my . They were remodling [MLH with the morning checkin 3040,
1016. I won't act surprised. I knew this was coming. I told hoppie this morning I was in for it now with ML gone and Elaine taking today off.]
the house. I remember being upstairs in my room, the way it used to be when I was in high school with my bed headboard against the right wall facing the closet, and the vanity table against the back wall near the closet. I was sitting at the vanity going through pictures, including some confoti of the wedding and some of me as a child (the cute pictures, I might add. Not the hideous ones my parents gave to Brian for the dvd). There were people sitting on the bed. I think one of them might have been hoppie. That's all I remember strongly from that dream except for standing on the front porch watching the workmen bring stuff in.

The second dream isn't much more remembered. We were dropping people off at home in Brighton, and I commented that I knew someone who lived in the building we were dropping people off at. (I don't, although it did look like a previous dream representation of the apartment hoppie and I used to live in.) The people I knew (I claimed) lived on the third/top floor (which buys into the idea that it was a familiar because it had been ours in a previous dream, although apparently not in this one.) The friends we were dropping off lived on the first floor. We had just come back from dinner.
Scene change: hoppie and I are walking down Commonwealth Ave, and I'm pointing out the apartments, "there is where this friend lives, and there (pointing to Allston) is where Jill lived for awhile when she was working out of Boston. (Jill has never lived or worked in Boston), and there..." And hoppie and I got into some type of arguments and I snapped angrily, "I'ved lived without you twice, I can do it again."
Scene change: I'm in a huge apartment that I've already agreed to rent, but haven't seen apparently. I'm there with my friend Judy (which isn't totally unexpected because I was thinking about her before I went to sleep) and the two new roommates. The roommates one of them is just moving in, like me and the other is showing me around. The apartment is huge, especially by Boston standards. The bedrooms are large. There are two living rooms, (presumably one is a dining room, but it's in a stupid place for that - so it's not totally perfect.) I feel like I should draw a picture of it. If only I had talent. Anyway, she shows us her room and office first. They are on the left side of the apartment. Her office opens out into the hall, and her bedroom is the first room from the office down the hall. The hall has bookcases containing books and DVDs including, I notice, a lot of duplicates of stuff I have. It reminds me that I should make sure there's enoguh room for my books and DVDs. The next room down the hall is completely empty. I ask if it's mine, but no, it's the other girl's. I'm worried because I figure the third bedroom has to be tiny. We walk through the living rooms, which are sparcely furnished. Judy points out this is a perfect place to pray (because the walls are bare. I could explain this, but I don't feel like it now.). I'm a little irked because I'm still looking at the place, so I reply, "yes it is, although I'm not going to right now." Then I realize that she is wanting to. So I assure her she can go ahead. I walk down the other hallway to my bedroom which is already furnished with a bed, chest of drawers and I see a bathroom between my bedroom and the living room. Down the hall, which I never reached is the kitchen. In the bedroom I talk to the girl who's been living there, about my books and where I can put them.
Next post: The Woes of Mrs. Weasley. I just want to be back to work for now.
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