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Macro Man

Robert: Oh no! I've just cut and paste this column over my existing columns!
Crowd: Oh no!
Coworker6: Undo! Undo!
Robert: I can't!
MacroMan: I'll save you! Save this as a new name and bring up the old one and copy back!
Robert: First I must save my dependencies!
Crowd: (watching) Oh no!
Macro Man: While you were saving, the autosave kicked in! Fortunately, I have another version you can use saved under a different name.
Crowd: YEA!
Robert: But the numbers are wrong! Save us, Macro Man!
Macro Man: I will, Robert. I will. Just run this macro and your task numbers will be automatically updated.
Crowd: Yea!
Robert: Thank you Macro man! How can I ever repay you?
Macro Man: It's just my honour to serve.
(Macro Man flies off to another meeting. Cue theme music)
Macro Macro man..
I want to be a macro fan,
Talking about a macho macro man,
He's got to be the macro man!
Tags: soliefriends

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