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Where do you think I am?

What's with all these rolex spams? I don't think I had any ever and then the last couple of weeks it's been like a flood from the heavens. Do you people realize that if I want to buy a Rolex from some anonymous con-artist at a HUGE DISCOUNT because I'm like the CUTEST CHICK EVA and a RELLY SMRT CON3um3R, I'll buy it on the streets of New York City as idiots have been doing for time immemorial.
I know it's completely uncharitable of me, but I'm adding a new level to my personal vision of hell, right after the level where the people who make life difficult for others have to wait in airport security lines and remove their skin and inner organs for inspection while swallowing posioned Tylenol capsules and apples with razer blades, is the level where spammers have to read their own spam and then eat it. How would they eat it? I haven't decided. Part of me thinks it should be printed and then eaten. Another part of me thinks that as this is hell, they should be eating the bytes themselves, headers and all. It's metaphysical, so that should be possible.

I'm debating on mailing Keith Hamilton Cobb and telling him about my dream because I think based on his website, it might amuse him. Or it might convince him I'm a cyber stalking chick who has a fetish for Tyr in pink. I'll keep thinking about that.
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