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I'm laughing at the superior intellect...

Boris: Sir, permit me to disappoint you just a little bit, the shields are dropping.
Blinky: Well, raise them!
Boris:(Banging his fists on the console) I am not able to comply!
Blinky: Override! Override! Who's got the override!?
Boris: Override is not being clearly labeled!
Blinky: Well, label it!
Boris: I am not able to, as my "Sharpie" is clearly dead!
Solies: (As seen and heard on the view screen in the attacking ship) Open fire! All weapons! Dispatch war rocket "Ajax" to bring back their bodies!
Blinky: Well, open a new one!
Boris: I am not able to, as office supply budget was cut when half of the crew was outsourced to alien workers.
Alien: Gleep!
Blinky: Argh! Who authorized these cuts?
Solies: Blinky, I'm laughing at the superior intellect.
Blinky: Close that channel!
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