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Every move and every breath, and you hardly feel a thing - But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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November 19th, 2004

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10:24 am - Every move and every breath, and you hardly feel a thing
Well, since my day has been pretty well guarenteed suckness at this point, I might as well talk about the odd dream I had last night.

We had a plan, Nancy and I to sneak out when her lover, I'm presuming Bill, was at work. It didn't quite work out that way. We ended up bolting while he was sitting at the round table in the kitchen. It was a small house, in a small town and we had no real hope of escape, running out that way, but we ran anyway, like our lives depended on it, which, by that point, they did. He ran after us, of course. We were smaller and lighter, but he had longer legs and rage. Then a truck pulled up and one of the neighbors called to him from it. He turned towards to the guy in the truck, and the guy decked him, laid him out flat. We thanked him, but warned him that Bill would be coming after him. He said that pretty ladies like us shouldn't worry. He'd take care of himself. We should just get a move on.
We got to the village square, and we didn't know what to do next. One of the villagers pointed out of a schoolbus of children who'd come to the village on a field trip. We could maybe get a ride with them.
We asked, but the bus was full, overfull in fact. So overfull that they had another car also, a station wagon. We asked the driver if there was room for us, and she said sure, she could use the help. She was in a wheelchair. I said we'd be glad to help. The person sitting next to her on the stoop of the general store put her arm on me and used me to drag herself us. She was partially paralyzed, but she did okay walking. There were three rows of seats. I sat in the back row in the middle where I could help the people on both sides of me.
We started a new life. Nancy enrolled me in school and we did our best to stay low, knowing Bill would come for us someday, we told our friends, warned them about him, so they would know.
Nancy had a relationship with a guy who had loved her his whole life. It was lovely. He knew Bill wasn't her fault. I thought other people might not understand. I spent much of the dream being afraid.

Me: I'm having a problem.
IT: When did the problem start?
RE: We know about the problem. We'll deal with in a week when the regular application administrator is back.
Me: I haven't tried it for awhile.
IT: So not within the past week or two, since we migrated email to the new server.
Me: Definitely not.
IT: I think we're missing an alias on the email server. We'll add it.
Did it never occur to these people that they could escalate to IT? That it wasn't just software being weird and quirky, but an actual system change that caused it? ARGH!!!

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Current Music: Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way
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