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And in that darkness when I'm blind with what I can't forget

While we were talking before Book club started Bunny recommended, Ilene Wilkes' Dangerous Temptation an alternate present day reality in which humanity is wolves.
She also recommended Wicked and Wonderous (the White Christmas books)
and the Charmed Destinies anthology, another Sci-fi/romance cross-over set including a Catherine Asaro and other Luna authors.
She also thought I might like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime. She was surprised that she'd liked it.
So our cast and crew when all was said and done were repeat members: Robin, Bunny, & Andrea; and new members: Janice and Miriam (historical)
I went first, recommending the Rogues of Regent Street trilogy, by Julia London. I like it for it's weaving arc, love amidst pain. Redemtion, understanding. Surcease of guilt. That sort of thing.
Janice recommended Surrender by Amanda Quick one of her first two books. It's a regency romance, and like all Quick novels features a strong lead female and smart, and with a career. Victoria (the heroine) wants to do everyting the guys do so she convinces Lucas (the rogue) to take her to gambling hells etc. Her recent series recently is a more mature couple with children. Wicked Widow/Don't look back/and Late for the Wedding.
Other recommended books by the same author: Ravished about the archeologist, and
Deception featuring a family of fortune hunters and he looks like a pirate, but he wants to be a regular guy, and she's nuts for the pirate life.
And although I have no transition in my notes, I assume this was an, "If you like...then you'll like..."
Lost and Found Smoke and Mirrors, and Trust Me by Jane Krantz.
Robin picked Dangerous Gifts by Haywood Smith. Some of the themes include free will and the ability to forigve and get on. 1095 setting. Claire, Nona, and Palmer. Claire gets kicked out of her house and ends up at Nona's who is suffering from altheimers and is a healer. She gives Claire a proxy wedding to her son, Palmer (healer and sculpter) who is returning from the war.
Andrea picked Blue Dahlia - Nora Roberts. Volume 1 of a trilogy set in the south. Roz, the matriarch, has a family estate. She's a widow with 3 children, one of them at home, she runs a nursery. Her estate is haunted and she needs an estate manager. The ghost doesn't like men. Her pregnant niece and another woman stay with her, and they live together in the haunted house and things happen.
There is a romance and the mystery of why the ghost is haunting them.
Miriam picked Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux. (original cut) They go to London and her fiance treats her like crap and he leaves her at the cemetary and takes her purse, and she cries and wishes for a prince, and then a guy from the past shows up. She ends up going back to his time. The book was updated and changed a bit, but no one seems to have a copy of that. Might be interesting to compare.
Wishes and An Angel for Emily are other Deveraux recommendations and the Velvet series.
Bunny brought a few recommendatioms. Silver Lion by Lynn Kerstan was one she just finished. It's book three of a trilogy. Golden Lepard is book 2. Heart of the Tiger is the book 1. (out of print). Helena is an organizer and she dresses unflatteringly and she wears dark glasses. She comes to Derek and he's an airhead with a seat in Parliament and she comes to fix him. He hires a bow street runner to follow her. Her guardian is trying to reform and retrain petty criminals.
She also recommended a Regency series by Madeline Hunter. The Seducer, The Saint, The Charmer, The Sinner, and The Romantic This follows a bunch of guys in the dueling society. Characters are intense and cross-society, and driven. The characters are all connected by the Countess, a young woman who has escaped her abusive marriage after she sees her husband beating a village child. The book Bunny focused on was The Romanic which features the Countess and her solicitor who's the hero of this novel. The Countess's husband determined to either force his wife back home or kill her. Family essentially sold her into marriage.
Another series, I think by the same author is By Possession/By Arrangement/By Design series

Solies: I have to mail this.
Emma: I have a box.
Lanna: I have bubblewrap!
Emma: I have packing tape in my car.
Solies: You have packing tape in your car? Why do you have packing tape in your car?
Emma: It's Jumpie's tape gun.
Solies: Well, that certainly makes sense.

And a special shout out to hrmacgirl and solies for getting through to me even when I didn't want to be gotten to. I really appreciate your perserverance and your love.
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