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The first thing I remember is me driving in a car alone the wrong way down a somewhat country laneish in Indiana. I mean, I knew roughly where I was, I just had to turn around and go back to 70/71 S (for those of you from around there, my waking mind would like you know very much that I know the road that should have been there was 65, but continuing on.) So I turned around and went back to the highway knowing I should see a sign for 71. I passed under a large underpass and spent some time wondering if I'd somehow missed it. Then I saw a sign for 70/71 (or 70/78, not sure which) and that was right so I took it. I parked my car in the bus station? And set about looking for a way to get back home without driving. It was getting late on Friday and that might have influenced my decision not to drive. I found a woman to help me, but then I got all muddled as to what I was looking for. There was a huge shopping area, and I wandered through a large hair salon. I saw BC, a friend of my parents, working as a stylist in the salon and I tried to get her to help me, but she didn't notice me. The woman guiding me, asked what I was doing, and I explained that I knew BC and also we might have better luck if we talked to the shopgirls, rather than just relying on her. I should also point out that all the signs on the stores were completely spelled out. Like we passed a Federal Express (as opposed to a FedEx) I can't offhand remember what the other stores were, but they were all spelled completely out. The guide and I discussed this and she didn't know why, and had never noticed it before, and I postulated that it was some bizarre local law.
Beyond the beauty parlor, we ran into my grandmother with some of her friends. She was still refusing to go anywhere in Louisville because Count Vronksy (And no, I have no idea why the antagonist of Anna Karenina is name dropping himself into my dreams.) was visiting the area and she didn't want to see the man who'd broken her heart before you married grandpa. I kept reminding her that it was a long time ago, and she couldn't hide forever, but she was obdurate. I introduced her to my guide, who turned out to be Rachel, so introductions were silly, because she's known Rachel as long as I have, and that's longer than there's been stars up in the heavens. That conversation (about Vronsky) went on a very long time. Then I continued looking for my hairpin, which I had not been looking for before, but all the stores had closed. And when I went back into the salon, which was now a large jewelry display, it had closed too, and I didn't know where my grandmother and her friends had gotten to. I was alone standing in the lobby. Then Aunt Holly and Robby came out of the salon area. Holly went to look for everyone else, and Robby handed me the bobby pins I was looking for which I used to pin up my slip in the most graceless display of pinning up anything ever. I stood there, picked up my skirt a bit on the elevator facing side and pinned up my slip. No going to the bathroom, no atl least turning so I was flashing skin for the fewest number of people possible. Anyway it didn't matter because no one was around anyway.
Then we got in the car. My parents drove. I sat behind my dad. Hoppie sat in the middle. Jan was on the side of him.
I was playing a game on my palm, Mortal Kombat. But there were some number of levels you had to get through before you could play against a player. First you had to clear all the bricks off like 30 screens. Then you got to play the invader challenge, where you had to fight the spaceship which either exploded, dropping the compatants so you could fight them, or took you away to fight them. In my dream, Jan had never seen Mortal Kombat so hoppie was explaining it to her. Although no one had ever seen Mortal Kombat like I played it. When you reached MK level, the game opened up. You were supposed to have a friend choose your attribute, but the selector, a paper thing, opened up a bit, so it required fiddling. Hoppie slid the paper slider down to the right selection, and I locked it in place (which shouldn't have possible, except that one side of the selector had gotten torn somehow.)
Then the Mortal Kombat compatant appeared. An rabid looking bluebird with a sharp bill. He didn't appear within the console. He was like a rabid origami bluebird. I'd started fighting him with my guy on the screen, but ended up trading blows directly with it. I delivered my knockout blows by keeping my hand in it's mouth (ouch) while punching it repeatedly in the solar plexus, an operation it couldn't fight while my hand was tying up it's primary weapon. But I accrued damage at a slower rate from that.
At the beginning of the fight, Janice was asking hoppie why he chose such an obviously easily defeated enemy, and hoppie and I explained that we had to fight all of them. The selection slider just choose the order I would face them.
At some point we arrived at lunch. My everyone got out of the car but me as I was very close to vanquishing the bluebird. Dad's door didn't close properly, in fact it was sort of leaning against the car, unattached and also in the way of my door. Another car pulled up relatively close and and when I was ready to get out, I opened the door slighlty and missed hitting the car, but didn't miss hitting the guy standing next to the car with my father's car door. I apologized and he apologized for parking so close to us. I closed the door. Reattached my dad's car door. And I left my jacket in the car, although I didn't feel totally comfortable with it. Then I went inside and joined everyone at a table The car dude had his son with him, but I don't remember enough of our conversation to know if that was important.

I had a dream over the weekend where I was playing with my Palm also. A similar type of multilayered game too, although no popups. You tapped on pieces on the board to turn them over and expose map chain pieces. You turned the pieces around to connect...something, or just make a long enough chain, and when you did, those pieces vanished, leaving the board clear. When you'd cleared the entire boards, it constructed another maze and you ran around freeing your trapped friends, but everytime you freed another friend, you also freed a mummy in the same room, but that moved slower than you and the friend. The goal was to escape the maze, preferably with your friends, but since they move slower than you, but following you, they often got eaten by the mummies first. I got all the friends loose, but I didn't get them all out.

I'm having problem with my charting. Problem 1. My temperature is off the chart. My base is 97.5, so when I'm low, I'm into the 96s. And I'm often low. I may have to rewrite the chart for myself. Maybe I should write to the author.
Problem 2, a problem that has come into clear focus, is that I do not wake up at the same time every day. I'm not entirely sure I wake up in the same time zone (heh heh heh). I'm all over the map. I'm up at 6. I'm up at 8. I'm up at 7. And my temperature fluctuations show that. *sigh* I'm starting to get concerned about waking up. This morning I had three or four dreams that I woke up and took my temperature.
Like on the one hand, at least I'm not forgetting to do it when I actually wake up, on the other hand, I really frigging hate recursive dreams.

So, that's the way it is at 6:44 in the morning.
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