awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Blacked grilled doogie

So I went home early yesterday with the migraine. After pacing around for hours looking for a comfortable spot I finally found one sitting on my knees backward on the couch leaning against the armrest with my head facing the open window getting some breeze (which I'm sure must have played hell with my allergies, but I was decide that a moment of a throb free head action was worth the allergy agony later.)
And I finally got the use the Foreman grill my great aunt Estelle got me and hoppie for a wedding present and the Alton Brown book hoppie made me buy when we bought a copy for his sister for her birthday last year. I made salmon, and I think I learned some valuable lessons. Small spice bottles vanish (has anyone seen my white pepper?). One should always have dried ginger. Cook two salmon fillets per person, or more than one side dish. Also, start the side dishes first because they take longer to cook. Salmon takes like zero time relatively. If I'd realized it was that quick and easy, I might just have tried it sooner.
Tags: food

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