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It's been said and I've been told

When I first got the Bowling for Soup album, I was sure I wasn't liking it as much as the first one. It was good, a few good songs, but nothing amazing.
At least I think that was my impression. I've decided to revise it. The first week or so I got it, I listened to only like 2 or 3 songs over and over and thought the rest sorta eh. However in more recent weeks:
I spent all last week listening to the song "A**hole"
For two weeks before that, it was all about "Almost"
and this week, it's been "Down for the Count."
None of which were amoung the songs I was listening to that first week or so.

I burned my finger last night. It doesn't hurt, didn't when I burned it either, but the pad of my finger feels odd and for someone reason I have this uncontrollable desire to rub against it and let it feel odd.
I think I forgot to take my migrane meds yesterday. I remembered today. Oooh, I should reorder, but I think the migrane last night was a result of not taking my ounce of prevention. I also think today's migrane is attributable to the same cause. Or else it isn't. It could be idiopathic. I like that word. idiopathic. Mmmmm. He's not heavy. He's idiopathic. I'm on my last refill and then I have to go back and see my neurologist. I guess that means I should straighten my life out in the next month so I can get my drugs and not have to go back for awhile. Hrm. I thought I'd gotten over my fear of chemical dependancy, but writing the last sentence made me feel all shivery and scared inside. Can't be helped. Life without the drugs is really too painful to live. And the chilling reality of that penetrates even the migrane fog I'm in right now.
Wow. Cool text drift. This may be more fun than I'd thought.
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