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Stalking (Thanksgiving bonus for Solies)

Emma decides she is hungry and goes to Solies office looking for Solies.
Emma: Hrm. No Solies here.
Emma goes to Lanna's office looking for Solies.
Emma: Hey, Lanna, have you seen Solies?
Lanna: No, Emma, I haven't. But if I see him, I'll definitely say something about you looking for him.
Emma: Something good?
Lanna: Probably not. It's not been a good day.
Emma: I'll just go see if Blinky knows where he is.
Emma goes to Blinky's office looking for Solies. Blinky is on the phone. Dejected Emma heads back to her own office. On the way, she sees Solies duck behind a pole.
Emma: (goes up to Solies) Have you been following me?
Solies: No, I was just reading this notice conspicuously posted on the pole. See! The notice says....
Emma glares at Solies, apparently unconvinced.
Solies: ...yes.
Emma: How long?
Solies: Since you left your office.
Emma: You've been following me since I left my office! Why?
Solies: Because I'm hungry. It's lunch time!
Emma: But...I...why didn't you say something?
Solies: Well, I didn't want to go to lunch with you if you were going to ask annoying coworkers to go.
Emma: ...
Solies: Other than me, of course.
Emma: Of course.
Solies: Lunch?
Emma: Lets.
(Emma, Blinky, Solies, and Lanna leave for lunch)
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