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Who's your daddy?

My score showed me to be a (not card carrying) member of Red Sox nation
Which are you?

June was as miserable reading about it as living it. All our hopes for Nomar, and those terrible fielding errors. Feh. At least Trot is back up and hitting. Also, I find that I can forgive Ortiz his suck playing while Trot DHs, because was amazing in St. Louis when the Red Sox swept the Cardinals in October. That's new.

In other news, I'm back on my regular sleeping pattern: sleep 2, lie awake cursing my inability to sleep until I fall asleep again, sleep 1, rinse/lather/repeat (not entirely unlike the Sox win/loss pattern through Jun/July, a fact that was not lost on me at the time). I'd complain, but it still beats last week's sleep 4 and never again (which resembles Listener's dreams in The Stone and the Flute), although nothing beats yesterday's sleep through the night and awake rested and sane. Of course, one night hardly constitutes a sleeping pattern.
Hoppie completed his NaNoWriMo by writing half of it last night. He returned home after I'd retired for the evening, but good, considerate wife that I am, I made him some dinner and left it in the fridge for him. His alarm finally convinced to get out of bed this morning, but it didn't have the same effect on him. In fact, it inspired him to turn it off.
My last dream of the morning involved Lanna's kids. She had a whole slew of them. More than 4. More like 6 or 8. We were headed to a class or something in a large building and I was following them, but the smaller two (both boys) were dilly-dallying, and we got separated. We eventually caught up with Lanna in the auditorium, where the kids where playing on the stage.
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