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This morning I accidentally killed a bunch of work I did l night (and also this morning, but the bulk of the work was last night.) by doing an installation upgrade and letting it reboot my computer. Wordpad apparently doesn't prompt you to save unsaved files, which is odd because every other program in the universe does. *sigh* That bites.

So it's official. I'm joining the vor_rpg. Edit: You're now listening to the droolicious Ivan Vorpatril. We need a few more core characters though, before we start. I wish hoppie had more free time, he's a great Miles (well, on fastpenta, anyway.)
If any of you who aren't already on board would like to join....please apply.

So this morning, after another uneventful night of not quite sleeping, I woke up at 5:15. Took my temperature. Tried to get back to sleep. Lost my pen. Got up. Wrote the app for the Vor game. Uploaded the image for the holiday card and went to the office. As I turn into my parking spot, I realize, "hey! I forgot to take my car into the shop." I call hoppie. Meanwhile anjillmarie comes to visit and I talk her into following me to the garage and bringing me back.
The work I need done is covered under my service contract, but luckily, they found 300+$ of other work they could do like changing the break pads etc. *sigh*
At least I found out that my service contract goes to 75K not 50K which is nice as I'm 3 under 50K right now.
While I'm editing anyway: The (don't panic!) mechanic just called. They fix they made that was covered under the service contract has fixed, and I quote, "80% of the noise."
I ask: What's 'causing the rest?
Steering column bar. They don't have the part in stock, but they can have it by tomorrow. Now I just need to get a ride home.
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