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Things I forgot in my last post

So on Wednesday night, I heard WEEI's post contact interview with Doug Mirabelli. They asked a bunch of stupid questions like:
How does this affect Varitek?
Who's happier about you re-signing? You or Wakefield?
Who do you think is happier? I mean, yes, probably Wakefield is relieved that he won't have to break in a new catcher, but afterall, he can pitch to other catchers...just, you know, it takes some time for them to develop the knack. Doug is the guy with the fancy new contract.
But Doug sounded delighted and greatful to be playing with the Red Sox and his enthusiam was palpable. It really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
The one thing about the interview that bothered him is that he seems content to be the backup catcher. Reminded me of that commercial, "I want to claw my way up to middle management." He's right, all teams need a good backup catcher, and if you're going to be the backup catcher, you should be the best catcher you can be, but...but...but...and he makes a good point, that it's better to be the backup catcher on a great team than the star catcher on a team that sucks, but who wants to be always thought of as the backup catcher. You deserve a better reputation than that, Doug. On the other hand, I totally agree: it is better to the be the tail of the lion than the head of the ass.

I was checking back in my journal for this and didn't find it. Lanna's daughter, D, calls hoppie "Husband." I don't know if she's groked that it's his title, not his name or she figures Hoppie and Husband are close enough for government work, and she's right, we know who she's talking about. It was so cute when we were over babysitting and she was drawing a picture which she gave to hoppie.
D: Husband! Husband!
Me: I think she wants you.
Hoppie: Did she just call me, "Husband?"

I had another one here, I was going to tell a story about me getting my driver's license in Cincinnati, but it will have to wait.
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