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The next order of business

Just in time for Channukah, I bought myself the EP "Merry, Merry, Frickin' Christmas - Word Champion Red Sox Anthem" by Frickin' A (which for no particular reason I like to call "frick -na". They'd probably hate that. On the other hand, they'd probably love that I blushed like a little girl when I asked for their CD at the store. The store clerk said that happens alot (the blushing, I don't know about the asking, but it must happen some if the blushing happens alot, don'tcha think?) and was very amused.
Anyway, I've listened to 4 tracks on the CD (there are 8 total, but it's not clear to me that the songs after number 5 are whole songs, are just a verse or two), and I like it better than it deserves.
I was sure I would hate the World Champion Red Sox Anthem because it doesn't talk about how great the Sox are, but rather how suck the Yankees are. Normally, I'm not into that. I was also not crazy about listening to the two songs back to back because they share, in addition to the common melody, a lot of common phrases, and I thought they could have been more creative. So that's tracks 1 and 2 and I was thinking I liked the CD, when track 3 came on. An instrumental. I listened for a second and then bumped to track four. It started out instrumental, then I realized I was listening to the karaoke track for the Red Sox version. That was funny too.
Track 5, the last track I had time to listen to before arriving at work, was Jessie's Girl, and, Constant Reader, you know how much I adore Rick Springfield. It was a pretty straight-up sendup, nothing exciting,'s Rick Springfield! Squeeeeeeeee!!!
Maybe I'll edit my comments more later when I've listened to what I'll assume are original tacks. But for now, that's the way it is.

snagglepuss2, how to make this not read like a bad high school yearbook. U R funni, smrt and destyned for grate tings.
You are all those things, but you're so much more. You have a clear vision, undimmed by the ravages of time. We don't always agree, but at least you're not a cliché-spouting moron, which is actually quite a bit more complimentary than it sounds. My life is greatly enriched on a more than weekly basis for having you in it. Thank you.
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