awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
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On the subject...

Of things that would be better left undiscussed, I had a strange dream last night,

The basic setup of the dream. I don't remember all the details or particularly many of the details, but the one I remember was that I had a box of gifts or momentos from a gentleman with whom I have a periodic crush, and I kept said box in my nightstand drawer. The other thing I note is that none of the surroundings in the dream were familiar, they were not rooms I know. No, I correct that. My bedroom was my bedroom at my parents house, with familiar funishings, although not arranged in any way that matches a configuration that ever existed.
Things came to a flashpoint with hoppie in the dream, and he told me that if I felt that strongly for my friend, I should just leave him and go be with said gentleman.
I don't know what my feelings were in the dream, but I started making the arrangements. I told the gentleman and he was warmly approving, as was his family, and I started arranging the divorce etc. Then I realized that I love hoppie and had no interest in leaving him. So I told the gentleman and his family and then went back to hoppie and I told him that.
He told me that if I felt that way, there would need to be some changes. No seeing this gentleman alone, I'd have to get rid of the box etc. So I moved the box from the nightstand drawer to the closet, figuring that was good enough. And I was going to tell the gentleman about hoppie's 1-1 restriction, but there was a message from him saying he was leaving town because he couldn't face seeing me again, after what happened.

Something just beeped loudly. I'd best go see what it wants.
Tags: dream

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