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I'm still feeling mellow from my evening at Delia's de-stress centre

I really don't appreciate when people come up to me and carry on a monologue. When you want to have a conversation (Edit: well, cook on me then!), you're welcome, but as far as monologues go, type it up, and send me email, or post it into your blog so at least I can make nasty faces during it.
Also, I don't remember making the statements you've attributed to me. Before I chalked them up to me not remembering, but now as I research further, I can't imagine the circumstances under which I would have said such a thing, although it's still theoretically possible.

Carla's Xmas party pics are up.

Still feeling mellow, though, yo. I actually slept most of the way through the night. I slept in solid blocks from 11:30ish to nearly 4 and then again 4ish to 7:30. I was worried when I woke up that it would screw up my temp readings, but nope, I slept the untroubled sleep of the angels. I mean other than odd dreams. Like I remember my mother telling me that my coat was too small and we had to go shopping for a new one.
Also, my hands aren't hurting, although they did hurt a little bit on the drive home when I was on the my cellphone.

And I'm totally bummin' that solies can't join us for lunch.
And thanks to hr_macgirl and sitpretty for the cards.
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