awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Day 1: Learning to not kill oneself

Okay, we haven't left for Florida yet, but I've successfully clogged and unclogged a toilet (thank you, for the one piece of information I've been missing all my life. Down slowly, back quickly!
I lost and found my themometer.
I lost and found the nose guard on my glasses.
I dropped off some books at Lanna's for the little ones.
I packed.
And I discovered a) I have two days of drugs. b) No refills. c) There's a huge line at the pharmacy the day after Xmas d) I had a set of drugs on hold (?@!!?) e) There's no reason they're on hold. I can take them home with me now.

Anything else want a piece of me?
Tags: chores

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