awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Day 2: Boston to Norfolk

First, happy birthday snagglepuss2.
So we're around your old happy stomping grounds.
We didn't leave on Monday because of the snowstorm that blanketed the eastern seaboard. I spent most of the day playing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on the Mac, one of the presents that hoppie got me.

Cask-strength Scotch (Thanks hon, can I have some paint thinner too! mmm, good. (If you remember from last year (I'll get the link in here at some point) hoppie and I went to a Scotch tasting in Oct of last year and he liked the cask-strength and I liked the 12 year aged.)) McCallen. Good brand anyway. Because I'm an ungreatful wench, I told him I didn't like it and he offered to get me something I will drink. That was sweet. It wouldn't have been easy to hide from him. Eventually he would have wondered why I kept making excuses not to drink it.
A book of famous graves, deaths, and burial sites (it's nifty. I'm taking it home to show my dad.)
Hoppie and I got a vaccum cleaner and a cook book.
I don't actually remember most of what I got. The whole day is kind of a blur. I have pictures somewhere.

Anyway, we left Boston around 10:30 after hoppie snowblowed. We had lunch around 4. We drove St. Route 1. (whoops. Wrong 1!) Through Delaware and Maryland, and then picked up 113 to 13 across into Virginia and the Bridge/Tunnel/Bridge into Norfolk. And now it's probably time to wake hoppie.
Tags: friends, travel

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