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Life is often so unpleasant, you must know that as a peasant...

Headache, Day 2.

Boy, it's hard to decide what to cover. Do I ignore the gaps and pick up from where I am now?
Pictures from Christmas. The first set is at hoppie's parents house. The second set is at his mother's cousin's place in Rockport. It's a dry town so everyone drinks at home.

These are pictures from the trip. I was saying to hoppie on the way back that it was hardly worth bringing the camera as we took so few pictures, and that's the only expanation I can give you for why most of the pictures were taking the day we came home.
Pictures of mostly Lori and Leah, with a little Nat
Let me see if I can remember any vignettes from my trip.
Trip Highlights
Seeing Brian, Sissy, and Nat, and Sam and meeting Erin.
The beach.
Hoppie getting a sunburn. (although as he points out, I was burned with sunblock on, he was burnt without it, whatever, I'm still amused.)

Trip Lowlights
Being in Ft. Lauderdale and not realizing bsheppard was there.
Not seeing filkergem and kyttn

I had some strange dreams that I'm pretty sure I don't want to talk about. Although there were some cool inventions in one.

I walked into a varient of one of the houses of some people I used to babysit for. It was early morning, no one was awake yet, but the parents knew I was returning and I had a key. Since no one was awake, I was updating my livejournal with a selection of humourous misconceptions I had about Christmas whimsically entitled, "What Jews Know About Christmas" I can't remember all of them, but I remember a couple: The Jews know there are 12 days that end on on Christmas. Jews know that Santa brings the children gifts, but their parents completely ignore them. I'd set a couple of them down (actually not those two, if you can believe it, but I still forgot the others.), when the kids came downstairs. Well, two of the boys (there were 6 total, I think).
They saw me, gave an exclaimation of delight that wasn't a shriek or a scream, and ran into my arms. I saved what I was doing as a draft copy, then realized I wasn't sure where I'd get back to so I saved it to my journal, intending to save it as a private entry until I'd finished it, but I forgot to set that option so it went on public. I spared a second or two of thought for my loyal readers who'd be subjected to what wasn't even a half a post but then I focused on the kids, assuring them I was back for awhile, and offering to help wake their sisters to see me too.
While that was happening, the governness came downstairs. She was clearly not happy to see me, although she must have been told I was returning. I introduced myself and she was stunningly cold. Trying to not let myself be bothered by having to work with someone who hated me before she'd even met it. I went on to see the girls. They were delighted to see me, and I wondered if that's what the governess was reacting too, if she was worried I would be the children's favorite, or that the parents would replace her with me. I knew they wanted both of us because the children were just too much for them, but maybe she didn't totally believe that?
Anyway we went down to breakfast and the watched as the nanny did cool things like shrink the biscuits and the bannanas and stuff. Her equipment was plugged into the same terminal as the computer I was using and she frostily informed me that beause I was turned on the computer, she then had to unplug and replug in her equiment. I apologized and cheerfully lied to her face by saying, with all sincerity that it would never happen again, when I knew damn well, I would use the computer when and if I wanted to, and without her permission, thank you very much. Then she supercooled the juice and other cold things. It was awesome. It doesn't excape my waking mind that in the dream, I was the low tech charmer and she was the high-tech dazzler. I'm not sure what it means, but it's food for thought. So when she finished, she invited us to eat breakfast. I asked the older girl if she would get me a shrunken bannana, but then I overheard her saying to someone else that the food would still be too cold to eat, so I called her off.
Then I was upstairs in the library and having a wierd Harry Potter dream that I didn't write down soon enough to remember.

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I'm going to post now, and if I think of anything else, maybe I post it later.
Anyway, it's nice to be home.
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