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But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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January 9th, 2005

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07:42 am
The snow outside sparkles. It looks beautiful, but it's a bad sign. It means everything is definitely frozen over. Yippy skippy.

So after a couple of days with hoppie's parents, I started thinking about people who owe you nothing. Who are friends with you only because of some intermediary and probably wouldn't be friends with you but for that, like your SOs parents and siblings and stuff.
It seems like kind of a waste in some ways, you know, you go through all the trouble to create a relationship with someone that's so transient in your life. And I'm not saying hoppie will ever escape me, I'm just saying, should it happen, what happens to all those other relationships that are built through hoppie. Part of me is thinking of BEF's mother, of course, who I still miss. I wanted to stay in touch, but I thought it would be conflicting for her, and she has BEF's wife to whom she owes alleigence, and I didn't want to create any problems for her.
And then there's other people. I remember when one of my friends broke up with She Who Shall Not Be Named. The first thing I did when I heard about it (not sure I remember how I heard about it) was call him up and tell him that we wanted to be his friends. Even though we met him through her, we really didn't want anything to do with her, but we wanted him in our lives. And he still is, to a lesser degree.
When Gingy broke up with Felicity (not their real names), we assured Felicity we wanted to still be part of her life and keep them both. I haven't been the greatest about that, but we do still keep in touch. In fact, I owe her an email. I should do that.
The point, after having determined that there is no life after breakup, I'm the last person who should believe that. And yet, it will be me who has to do the reaching out, because it seems like it's always me. More deep thoughts for another time, I suppose.

I don't remember much of this dream I had last night, but I was working in the lab with my sysadmin (no one I've ever seen) and his assistant (ditto), and I hacked into Pam's mac (Pam is an old grade-school friend), to check the OS to help the Sysadmin decide if he needed to upgrade. My Mac was running SUNOS 5.7. Her's was running OS 10.9. I forgot to mention, she was playing the Harry Potter game, I thought that was cute.
Me: She's running OS X.
SysAdmin: OS X is her Mac OS. I need her UNIX OS.
Me: That's her UNIX OS! SUN/OS 10.9.
SysAdmin: There is no SUN/OS 10.9.
Me: Sorry, SUN Solaris 10.9.
The sysadmin throws his hands up and we debate the merits of whether he should upgrade the machines. The problem is he needs to do two servers, each serving half the lab. (If this doesn't make sense to you, you're not alone.) I suggest he push a set of clients to the second server while he upgrades the first. Then push all the machines to the second server while he upgrades the second. He considers. I further suggest that he send all the users a script to run that will move their machines to the second server and send him mail, so he knows which machines have been moved and only has to spend time disconnecting the ones not currently being used. He loves that idea. After I say it, I realize that I'm probably going to get his mail, schedule it and then entirely forget to run it.

Take the first line from each of the your first posts during a month and make a paragraph.

I had many dreams last night. So I was apparently Robin in my dreams last night, Writer/Midwife extraodinaire, except that I was writing romance novels. In other news, I'm back on my regular sleeping pattern: sleep 2, lie awake cursing my inability to sleep until I fall asleep again, sleep 1, rinse/lather/repeat (not entirely unlike the Sox win/loss pattern through Jun/July, a fact that was not lost on me at the time).So I'm showing the help system we used for reports (which has been mentioned here many, many times, and, alas, there is no value in a twice-told tale) and....it goes like this: I'm going to try to get down as much detail as I can remember. We were at my parents house. I think Rocker ate our light bulbs because I can't find any anywhere, nor yet the dregs or remains of them and now I have to try to remember what type of bulbs we need. My new story is up at FanFiction.net. So, new Bowling for Soup album. I never doubted. Another quiz that doesn't really typify me but I like it anyway. Okay, that's a bit eerily accurate.
Current Mood: tiredtired

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