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It's beginning to look a lot like...

Well, not much really. I'm sure your friends list are all full to bursting with similar stories, but my mailbox has about an inch of it's pole still standing above the snow line. I expect it will be entirely stem to stern in an hour. Which makes me very glad I sent hoppie out to get the mail yesterday.
Also glad I laid in some books.
Also really hopeful it will take longer than a day to clear this out.
Also really curious to see if I have the work snow number.
Don't rush me. I wasn't done.
Odd Todd appeared on America's Test Kitchen doing the science spot. On the one hand, I still miss Doc who wasn't on the 2004 season either, which I think downgraded the educational value, and the quality of show. I would have liked to see Doc come back. I would have said, had you asked me, that I would have started boycotting the show if they replaced Doc, and yet...Odd Todd! Odd TODD!
Hoppie and I were watching and from the first words, I turned to hoppie and said, "Is that...I know that voice. That's ODD TODD!"
Hoppie said, "You know, I think you're right."
We watched through the opening, where they were reading this letter from the painfully injured during a flambé accident to a picture of the painfully injured, and the eyes. Hoppie said, "Oh yeah. That's Odd Todd. If there were any doubt, that's Odd Todd."
So now I have a problem. I can't boycott Odd Todd! I support Odd Todd. I just feel sorry for jtn. He's going to have a true emotional conflict because he hates ATK, because they serve lame versions of things, but he loves Odd Todd. And how can you resist the opportunity to let your children learn food safety from ODD TODD!
Alright, I'm done.
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