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Dream of Lanna and the note

I've been having trouble remembering them for more than a minute or so after I wake up.
Today's dream seemed to repeat a couple of times in different ways, but I can't remember enough details of the pot luck lunches to understand why they were important.
What I really remember most is
So I left one of these potlucks, needing to go early. Before the food was really even broken into because I was saying to a friend that if he snuck something off the dessert tray carefully, no one would notice that he'd snuck some food out. That was what some of us had done the previous dream.
So anyway, I left and drove to Lanna's, parking across the street. The street was a little like her actual street, but a bit less busy, fewer houses, more distance between then, nicely paved road.
I went inside and she was still getting the kids ready. I don't remember what happened in the house, but then we were outside again, and I went to my car to get a CD I thought the kids would like, but then I realized they already had it, so I got my mp3 player and some extra batteries, just so I didn't have to admit that I'd gone back to my car for nothing. I sat in the front, and the three younger kids in the next seat back, and then the oldest had the rest of the back to himself. The SUV (minivan) back seats weren't bucket seats, just solid regular station wagon type seats.
We went to a restaurant, but we only went in for a minute and picked up some food, I think. Then we went to leave, and I couldn't get in because the woman next to Lanna had parked too close. So I went and stood at the back of parking spot (thinking, "this is stupid place to go. Now Lanna has to worry about hitting me." Well, I thought she'd pull straight out, so it wouldn't be a problem, but she had to go out at an angle because there was other stuff in the way. So she pulls out, knocks the other van a clear 2 inches over, and slighly angled, but misses me completely and does no visable damage except a slight scrape improbably on Lanna's front bumper which shouldn't have hit anything at all. The other SUV owner comes out with her girlfriend and the two of them are clucking over the movement, but personally, I'm just amazed that Lanna moved the SUV that far without so much as a scratch on it.
I look back at the kids, and I'm amazed that they're eating happily. E has an apple, I don't remember what M eating, I think a sandwich like D. Since they're not paying attention to me, I take a moment to look at them. They all look like healthy kids. E is talking a mile a minute through his apple. M is concentrated solely on his food. And D's cheeks are slightly chubby, instead of sunken in.
Lanna is telling me a story about how E goes and harasses R and when R doesn't pay attention, E hits him. So R will then write him a note and tell E it says that mummy should give him a cookie upon receipt. Well of course, E can read, but he chooses not to and brings Lanna the note which actually "E keep hitting me." So Lanna questions E about him hitting R and punishes him. This happens a couple of times because E never seems to draw any conclusions from how Mummy sees the note and knows E hits R. Lanna's struggling between being impressed that R found a mature way to handle it that didn't involve R beating up his younger brother, or annoyed that E doesn't seem to have any cause/effect relationship skills and he never reads the letter.
Anyway, that was the dream.
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