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Just reading mail from Friday.
Rocker's brother sent a mail to me, rocker, and hoppie asking if "Tom H." (presumably hoppie) wanted anything special for the party. Both rocker and hoppie are "Tom H."
Yesterday I watched most of Faith Rewarded. I was up to the parade when hoppie came home. I wish I had something in my life that I felt as passionate about as some of the passion I saw in the compilation. The thing I hate the most about baseball is the breakups. Seeing all those men who aren't Red Sox anymore is kinda bittersweet.

I don't think they focused enough on the records the Sox broke. They talked about Manny and David being the AL homerun leaders (although it would have been nice if they'd shown Manny getting the Hank Aaron presentation during the World Series), and about the Sox being the only team ever, in any sport, to come back from 3 games down to win a series, but they didn't talk about:
Game 3: ALSC:
Longest 9 inning game in post season history: 4:20.
The Yankees set new records for most runs (19)
most extra-base hits (13),
(and tying the marks for most hits (22), doubles (8) and home runs (4), but that's not nearly as interesting, but it does put the next four games into a bit more perspective.)
Game 4: ALSC (the beginning of rest of our lives)
Another new record for longest game. This one 12 innings and 5 hours 2 minutes.
This one had Red Sox nation cursing whosever bright idea it was to start the stupid games for primetime instead of earlier where we had a prayer of getting a decent night's sleep.
They also talked about Derek Lowe being the only pitcher to win all clinching post-season games. You may be a Dodger now, but we'll always have 2004.
Anyway, after much distraction, the video was good. Too much Kevin Millar. I'm going to hate him by the time we get to the regular season, I'm afraid.
I haven't watched the special features yet.

Went out with Tril yesterday. We went to New England Mobile Bookfair and hoppie got a shirt.
Me: Did you see what I got you?
Hoppie: Yes. Where did it come from?
Shirt says on it in big letters as part of the logo New England Mobile Bookfair. I just look at him.
Hoppie: I mean how did you get it? Did you buy it?
Me: Depends what you mean by buy...
Hoppie: Uh oh. Did you pay for the shirt.
Me: Not as such, no.
Hoppie: How much did you have to buy to not pay for the shirt.
Me: They gave me a choice of a shopping bag, a Tshirt, or a pound of coffee!
Hoppie: I sense that you're changing the subject. I'll go along with it for now, but later, I'll be asking you how many books you bought.
Me: Um...
Hoppie: Uh oh.
Me: More than 10!
Hoppie: More than 20?
Me: Um, I think so.
Me: 25. That's like half of a 50 book challenge.
Hoppie: So you'll only be buying 25 more books this year? That's fair.
Me: Uh oh.

We also went to the Container Store. I got a folding shelf for the kitchen, and square shelves for the closet. Now that I'm thinking about, I worry that the wire will imprint themselves into the clothing, but I figure we'll give it a try first. I bought three of the wire stackables, and my intention is to make a set of shelves in the closet to help defray the effects of some of hoppie's Tshirts. I know, I know, I'm part of the problem, but I'm trying to become part of the solution as well.
I had a good time spending the morning with Tril. I also finally got the Bat Mitzvah girl's present and shipped it off. I hope she likes it. It's not what I would have gotten her, but she permitted herself to be guided by hoppie's suggestion. I loved these books when I was her age (hell, I'd still like I set. If it weren't for the fact that I was going to NEMBF right afterwards, I might have picked up a set for myself.). I loved that fact that there were all there parables and stories, and analogies. So we'll see.

I picked up a David D'or album while I was getting the Bat Mitzvah present. It turned out to not be the album I was looking for (although I just called and they're going to hold it for me), but I've discovered that I really like his music even if I can only translate about half of it.

Had a great time shopping and being girly with Tril. In some ways, except for the car, it feels just like heading down to the UC bookshop and stocking up. I started rereading Around the World in 80 Days which is bad because I'm really in the middle of 3 other books I should finish first, but the annotated version they had at NEMBF looked really cool, and it is really cool. I need to look for more in that series.

There was something else I wanted to say, but I forgot what.
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