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Horrible dreams last night, and I kept waking up. Hoppie would keep asking me, "Are you awake?" and I'd say, "yes." and he'd ask why. I'm supposed to be asleep. He's like if you were really asleep, this whisper wouldn't bother you, (which sets up some disturbing possibilities, really.)

In one dream we were visiting my parents house, and up in Brian's room there was a new TV, with DVD player and PS2. We tried and tried, but we couldn't get the PS2 player to work. I think we had the right remotes, although we didn't have the DVR remote. That shouldn't have made a different, would it have? We also might have been missing the satelite remote, that might have been more of a problem. Anyway, after we gave up on that, I tried to take a shower. Hoppie wanted to take one at the exact same time, but he let me go first. The shower was full of bath water from the night before (also, it was the old bath tub, not the jacuzzi tub. Very disappointing, although dream me didn't seem to realize that was missing), and I hate showing in standing water. Ew. But I needed to shower, because hoppie was waiting, so I let as much water out as I decently felt I could, then showered. Then hoppie took his shower. He came in while I was getting dressed to announce that he was heading back to Boston. I expected him to be with wasn't clear how long, but whatever, he's like "This is what we agreed on." So we fixed him breakfast and I start to think about my day, which included going to my old high school, when I realize that I can't drive there if hoppie has the car (I really shouldn't need to drive there anyway, it's easy walking distrance from my parents.) Hoppie points out what I've just told you in parenthetical notation, that I don't need the car to get to school. He leaves, and I make a huge mess when everything falls out of the freezer. I start putting stuff away, but I can't stuff it all back in and still get the door closed. Eventually I do that. My parents come home, and I'm a wreak. I have no idea how I'm going to get home without the car. I ask my dad if he can drive me to Cincinnati, where I can catch a plane, train, or bus and so have some options. Of course, I'm going to check times and prices first, but I'm still too paniced to think of that.
Somehow BEF came up in this dream, but I don't remember how. I think he might have been in a previous dream I can't remember and was doing a callback.

So it's a dark and icy night and I'm taking Janice home. She's guiding me through the streets (with Trillianlike ease, I might add), and we come to this particular right turn. I get into the right lane and say "I'm turning left right?"
"No, you're turning right, and you should be."
So I make this really wide turn onto this rather narrow, but two lane, street, and I realize that street is torn up on my side. I drive on the left until I see cars then I pull over to the right, behind a stopped car, in front of construction. A bunch of cars pass, and a bunch of cars queue up behind me. I see at least 1 car and a truck coming, and behind me I see a police car in lights and siren mode. I grip the steering wheel in a death grip and start chanting "Please don't let me die. Please don't let me die." over and over again. I felt bad for excluding Janice from my prayer, but it was really was more for comic effect. She turns around to see who/what's coming and sinks back down in the seat. The cop passes up through the magic of dream warping space, and then after the truck and a couple of cars, we continue. Then we're walking and we pass this woman (pass in the loosest sense of the word. She's on the other side of the street with her boyfriend) who trips and drops the long-stemmed peach rose she's holding. Her boyfriend helps her up. The people on our side of the street laugh, and I suddenly think they're a bunch of assholes. Grumpily I march past them. Then I see another peach rose on the ground. I pick it up, note where the thorns are and hand it gently to Janice. Then we see a woman (asian, if it matters) with a trunk full of the peach roses and we offer it to her. She asks if there was a card with it. Janice produces a crumbled card advertising a new women's health club. She tells us the roses are promotional and we can keep them. I thought the group of giggling girls and guys were like a high school thing.

I've forgotten more of this dream than I remember, but what I do remember involves Judy giving me back my watch, after a long trip. I get distracted and it takes me a while to notice it has no band. She's busy helping corral the kids, so I go through her bag looking for it. It's frilly and white. She comes back and asks what's up, so I show her the watch face with no band, and she's like, "Oh yeah, I ddn't want the kids to choke on them so I removed the bands." (Did it occur to you that the three components separately each present a larger hazzard then the single unit watch?) She gets out her other frilly white suitcase and hands me the pieces which do some funky interlocking magic. I think I was expecting them to hook on with a watch pin, but they've got some complicated machinations. The watch is grey with a grey and marble band, and a large face that I think might glow in the dark. Wouldn't that be cool? It's not a watch I own or am famliar with.

And now I feel sick and icky and I really can't afford the time off from work, so I have to think about what I want to do. I guess I'll go. Feh.
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